Saturday, September 19, 2009

Down By The Bay

Last weekend we had a wonderful time down the shore (LBI, NJ) with friends of ours. We did some shopping, some sight seeing, and most of the time we spent laughing and truly enjoying their company. The picturesque landscape was enhanced with lingering stormy weather, and it was beautiful. Thanks again T, F, and A! We heart you!

Friday, September 18, 2009

See you in September

Hi, we're back! Had a brief hiatus, and a broken computer, and so I decided to take the summer off. I think it's nice to take a break once-in-a-while.
The summer went by in a flash. Suddenly it's September! While we've been encountering cooler weather and rainy days for most of August...the date (and the return of the kids to school) really seems to finalize yet another seemingly short summer's end.
Being the parents of a toddler is fun. Tommy is such a clown. He likes to do things just to get Tony and I laugh. And once we're laughing he does them over and over again....just to keep us going. He's our little comedian.
Tommy is such a big boy now. He's begun to use the kid potty (or "Pot Pot" as he calls it). He's doing surprisingly well with it. We're taking it slowly though since it is rather early - what with him being a boy and boys having a reputation of starting later and taking longer with their potty training. I have been sending text messages to my family whenever he "goes" not only because I'm so proud of his progress, but also because I can't quite believe we're into that stage! It seems like only yesterday I changed his diaper for the first time, and now I can almost see an inkling of the 'end of diapers' light at the end of the tunnel. He's been doing quite well with feeding himself, at least with a fork. He's still working on using a spoon, but he'll get there.
He talks and babbles more and more every day, and also repeats (or tries too) everything Tony and I say. I can't wait to have a real conversation with him. It's still frustrating when we try to get him to understand why he can't do something, or why we want him to do as we ask...but we know this is a stage they all go through, and some day he'll get it. His favorite saying is "uh oh" and he likes to sometimes say this right before he gets into mischief.
Tommy is very affectionate with us. He likes to play games and sing songs with me, and is doing really well with sharing his toys with his daycare friends. We still don't let him watch a lot of television, but he does watch Spongebob with Tony. He yells "BobBob" every time that little yellow square pops onto the screen...and it's funny to see how animated he gets about the show. I like watching the two of them sitting together while watching their show. Tommy is usually hugging Tony or sitting on his daddy's lap while they share in a half hour of fun and laughter.