Monday, November 30, 2009

Halloween....yeah, I know I'm late.

I know I know... but I wanted to make sure I shared these pictures. They are my favorites from Halloween. The first ones are Tommy...he went as Spongebob this year and LOVED knocking on doors for Candy. I made Tony take the candy into need for that sort of temptation! :)
The other pictures are from the wedding we attended on Halloween night. I LOVE this black and white one I took...wish it hadn't been so fuzzy. Congratulations again to Pat and Anastasia...we had a wonderful time...the dessert table was AWESOME!! (Couldn't totally avoid temptation when they had tiramisu AND every cake I could wish for!!) Yikes!! YUM!!!

Hope I'm Not On The Naughty List

I have been a very bad blogger lately. I always WANT to update my blog, but with the precious minutes I get to myself, it has just been easier to update facebook (I've even been behind in that). *Sigh* At some point I'll catch up. I'm planning to update more during december...some fun things are in store this upcoming month!

I missed most of November, and on this - the last day... I's like to share just a few pictures from this month. In the beginning of the month I took some pictures of Tommy and his little friends playing in the leaves in our backyard. I liked this one of Tommy.
Also - my parents adopted a new little puppy. Scooter is so so cute!! He's always on the move and loves to climb all over you....he certainly matches his given name. Tommy absolutely loved scooter, as did I... Mav, well - not so much, but it is funny to watch scooter chase Mav around.
I took Tommy to a local park one day. It was such a beautiful day I had to take advantage and get some pictures of him exploring. He's getting to be such a big boy. He's using more and more words everyday, growing taller by the week, and losing the last of the "baby" face. It's bitter sweet for us. We love that he's growing up, communicating with us and making minor decisions for himself. He's such a character - loves to be silly and will do anything to make others laugh. BUT - I miss my cuddly chunky little baby.
We had a bit of a scare the week before Thanksgiving. One day Tommy went to bed with what I thought was dry skin across his lower back, by the following afternoon he had begun to get hives across his belly...which then spread to his entire body. We aren't 100 percent sure what he had, we're thinking it was an allergic reaction to something new he ate...but there is no way to be sure unless I reintroduce it...and I don't plan on doing that ANYTIME soon. It was scary for all of us. He couldn't sleep, he wouldn't eat, and was obviously itchy. The hives lasted about 4 days, and finally the last of them faded away the day before we went to Virginia for Thanksgiving. Doesn't this picture break your heart? Poor baby.
Thanksgiving we spent in Virginia Beach with my sister and her husband. He had a great time visiting. Tommy really loves his Aunt Carrie and Uncle Brett. We were thankful we could spend some quality time with them.
The sunset on the drive down.
My little pilgrim and his daddy. Tommy painted his hat himself!
Getting ready to feast.
Tommy and I on the Chesapeake Bay Bridge.