Sunday, December 30, 2007

Like A Bowl Full Of Jelly...

Yep - I resemble Santa Claus. I’ve always had a big laugh as it is, so now when I laugh my entire belly shakes and shakes. It’s pretty funny to see.

Christmas was really nice for us this year. Not only did we get some great gifts – but the baby got some nice gifts too! We got a cute book with finger puppets from my cousin Jason & his wife Suzin, we got the sweetest little onesie from one of the kids in my class that reads “Made With Love” in green, we got a wonderful gift card for Babies R Us from another little one in my class, and last night Tony’s Mom’s friends Alicia and David gave us two little onesies with puppies on them, along with wash clothes & an “alligator” swaddling towel. My parents also got the baby a gift. A little hess truck, which Tony was really excited to play with.

My folks got me these cute overalls which I had been salivating for since I found out I was preggers. They are super cute and really comfy. It’s been hard to find clothes I feel comfortable in. With things on my body shifting this way and that I sometimes get disgusted looking in the mirror. I remind myself that its all for the baby, but its still hard to feel confident when nothing fits right and I’m always uncomfortable. I can’t believe I am only 5 months into this pregnancy…I think my belly is going to need its own zip code by the time I’m ready to pop! Hahaha.

The baby just moved in my belly. It’s so strange to feel the little bubbles and know that it’s the baby saying “hello” – though in this case I think it’s a reminder that I need to get my butt down to the kitchen and feed us soon. Tony was able to feel my belly move for the first time yesterday morning. It is so much more fun now that he can experience more with the baby’s growth. We’re going to start painting the baby’s room next week & we started working on a list of names (nope I’m not telling!) Even Maverick is getting involved. He lays on my lap and puts his head on my belly. I swear he knows there's a little guy in there! I can’t wait to meet our little man and bring him home to his room & put him in all the cute little clothes! It gets more and more exciting every day!
Christmas Day ~ The Gonzalez Family - We wore our pjs ALL day - it was great!

My New Overalls! Aren't they cute!!

Christmas Eve ~ My sweet cousin Alina and her daughter Tia.

Tony and Me on Christmas Morning.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

At the Halfway Point!

Woohoo!!! We've made it to 20 weeks. This is still so amazing to me!

Last weekend was crazy. We had our Holiday Concert at school for my toddler class. They were adorable, but unfortunetly only one little one didn't cry. We did some fun activities during the day though, and I took some pictures of them "practicing." Friday night was my Holiday party for work. The food wasn't that great but hanging with Jenn, Ben, Katie, and Dawn was great! Saturday night our friends Michelle and Rich had their annual Christmas Party - what a blast! I laughed until my insides hurt, I just love hanging out with my girls and their hubbies. Sunday was Mom's birthday so we had a nice lunch with her and dad and told them about their future Grandson.

This week is going by slowly...possibly because I have off all of next week for a nice Christmas break & I can't wait to just relax and enjoy the holiday! This Friday should be a lot of fun though, we're having a Holiday Pajama Pizza Party with my friend Miss Jenn's class. We're all wearing pajamas to work and watching Christmas movies with our kids. I can't wait. It's going to a great day!
Practicing For Our Holiday Show
My Girls
The Group

Me & Tony (same one as ----> but not fuzzy lol)

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Drumroll Please...

And The Gender of Our Little One Is...

It's A Boy!!!!!!

Here are some pictures from Friday's wonderful ultrasound. The baby kept moving - punching and kicking up a storm but it was easy for the nurse to tell us we're having a son. :) We're soooo happy and can't wait to decorate his room and start thinking of names.
His side profile. Head (you can make out the ear) & his body.
"The Money Shot" You can see his little butt, his legs, and the arrow pointing to his "wee."
His little head and arm. He's getting ready to suck his thumb.

He's Crossing His Little Legs.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Brrrrr..."Baby Its Cold Outside"

This is a big week for us. Hopefully if all goes well we’ll know the sex of our baby by the weekend! I am soooooo excited! We both can’t wait to start coming up with names and decorating the room. This is so exciting. I just hope he or she lets us get a peek! Lol.

Also - I pretty sure I have been feeling the baby moving. Not a whole lot & I can't always tell if that is what I am really feeling, but I am pretty sure I've felt some movement or "quickening" as it is refered too. I can't wait to really feel the kicks!

It snowed last week. The first snow of the season for us in Jersey. I can’t say that I’m a fan of snow – at least not when it falls during the week and I have to drive in it. Since I had no choice I decided to make the best of it. I took Maverick out to play in it when I got home from work and he loved it. Mostly I couldn’t get him to look at the camera he was bouncing and shoving his face into the snow so much that I couldn’t distract him. He did let me get one good picture of him looking at the camera (I had to promise him a Scooby snack). I think it’s the picture we’ll use for our Christmas card this year. Here’s a few pictures from his fun in the snow.

Mav shoving his face into the snow.

Maverick running toward me through the snow.

Did you say Scooby Snack?? (This will be a part of our Christmas card this year.)

Monday, December 3, 2007

That Time Of Year Again!

I absolutely love the holiday season. I'd have to say its my favorite time of year. I always feel like there is so much love and magic in the air. This year my hormones have me at my peak as far as emotions go. Just this afternoon I was listening to Jim Reeves singing "Silent Night" and for no reason what-so-ever I burst into tears. Strange, I know - but I suppose that pregnancy for ya.

This weekend the baby's furniture (crib and changing table) was delivered! Our friends Steve and Danelle were gracious enough to give us their old furniture which looks brand new...and smells like sweet baby powder! We are so grateful to them. It's wonderful to have such great friends.

Tony also finished putting up our Christmas lights this weekend. We now have 10,000 twinkling lights - just like Clark Griswold!

Here's some pictures.

Friday, November 30, 2007

Rolly Polly

Tony and I went to the OB yesterday. Just a routine checkup. We were able to hear Baby G’s heartbeat again, but only after they had to really work to “tune into” my belly with the Doppler. At first the heartbeat was a faint sound in a noisy background. The baby was moving around so much that we kept getting this scratching sound. Eventually the Doc found a good spot and then we heard the “whoosh, whoosh” of the heartbeat loud and clear! I always get nervous before we go to the doctor. I guess a part of me will always be jaded and worried that something might be wrong. It’s amazing how fast a little whoosh sound will lift your spirits and reassure you that everything is alright.

I thought I should take a moment and clarify something… when I refer to the baby as Baby G – the G stands for Gonzalez (our last name) not Girl. Some people were getting confused. We don’t yet know what we’re having but are anxiously awaiting our next ultrasound so we can find out. It’ll happen in a few weeks & we’ll be sure to let everyone know if our wee babe is a girl or boy.

I have been referring to the baby lately as Baby Cashew (instead of peanut). It got the nickname from a fellow teacher (& friend) from school. She dubbed the baby that nickname, and I rather enjoy it. Doesn’t take much to make me happy & I think it’s great that the baby has a nickname even before its born!

I thought I felt a little bit of fluttering in my belly this week. I’m not sure though. It’s hard to tell, especially for us first time mommies. I can’t wait for the first time Tony will get to feel the baby kicking. I think it will be one of those surreal moments you remember always. Speaking of – I told one of the little girls at school “Ms. Bobbi has a baby in her belly”. She repeated “Baby in Belly” back to me. Which was super cute. What is even more adorable now is that every time I ask her what is in my belly she says “Baby” then comes over and pats my belly. She even likes to kiss the baby (my shirt where my belly sticks out). Some of the other kids have started it too & it just melts my heart. It’s amazing how much these little people comprehend & how much love they have to give.

They say you can have some pretty wacky dreams when your pregnant. Here’s a doosy. Last night I had what I refer to as the “Noah’s Ark” dream. I dreamt that somehow Tony and I found out the world would be engulfed in a terrible flood that would last for three months. We only had a month to prepare so we got our family’s money together and bought this big boat. We had everything organized and managed to get everyone on board in time for the rain to turn into the flood waters. It was a long strange dream. I woke up this morning thinking I just had to look that up in the dream dictionary. Apparently, my dream means that I will soon have an end to all my worries. I like the sound of that!

I forgot to post this picture of Maverick on Thanksgiving. It was such a busy crazy day that I just didn’t get a chance to do it. I hope everyone had a safe and happy day. So happy we’re in the holiday season!!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Turkey Day Festivities

I just had to put up a couple of pictures from our Thanksgiving Feast at school. The kids were so adorable. We all gathered in our large “Exploration Room” to celebrate. We had all sorts of yummy treats: turkey lunchmeat, rolls, mashed potatoes, fruit, cranberry sauce, cheese, corn, pumpkin pie, and cookies. They even had chicken fingers (in the shape of cute little dinosaurs). I swear these kids eat better than I do!

So here are a couple pictures. The first one is my class – the Feisty Foxes. The other is of the rest of the school. We took up so much room I couldn’t get everyone in one photo.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Viva Las Vegas

We’re back safe and sound in New Jersey. We had a pretty nice time. A lot of walking and very very smoky, but there were so many sites to see, and each casino was so different that you actually didn’t mind all the walking. We spent most of our time visiting the popular sites like the Hoover Dam, the Aquarium at Mandalay Bay, the Fountains at Bellagio, and many casinos. We even took the time to see a Cabaret show! Saturday the 10th our good friends Paul and Barb got married. It was a unique and lovely experience. We were so happy to be a part of their big day!!

I’m not going to write too much. I put together a slide show from some of the pictures we took while in Vegas. So hopefully everyone can view it (If not - click the button on the bottom right that says View All Images, then when the new page opens click on the link to the right for Original View). Also – here’s a nice picture that was taken of us at the MGM & one taken in front of the Vegas sign (not the best picture quality but I still really like it).

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

What Happens In Vegas...

Well we’re off on our Vegas vacation tomorrow. (I can’t help but think of the Griswold’s!) It looks like this will be our last trip away before our little one comes so we’re going to have as much fun as possible.

To be honest, I’m not sure what to expect. I’ve been trying to figure out what to pack and I’m stumped. Thankfully Tony took me out and got me a few new maternity shirts to bring, but I’m still not sure what I’ll need. Weather’s suppose to be in the low 70s, but a bit chilly at night. I hate overpacking, but I think I might have to this time…just so I’m ready for anything! I’m excited for Paul & Barb’s wedding on Saturday. I’ve heard a Vegas wedding is an experience like nothing else. (I just can’t wait for “Elvis” to sing while Barb walks down the aisle at the Chapel of Love). I’ll be sure to post pictures.

Last weekend we had our annual Thanksgiving Dinner with his fraternity brothers and their families. Only eight of us were able to make it this year, but we had an absolute blast! A full day of cooking and eating – I was in absolute heaven! This year Tony attempted to make a “T-du-r-kin” its when you cook a chicken inside a duck inside a turkey & fill in the layers with stuffing. It took a lot of prep work, including de-boning all three birds, but I’m pleased to say it was AMAZING. When he cut into it you could see the layers of meat & stuffing. Everything was moist and delicious. If it hadn’t been so much work I think he would have made it again for our actual Thanksgiving Dinner with our family later on this month – but having had it at least once was enough to make me a “T-du-r-kin” fan for life! Yummy! (Pics Below)

We took the bed that was in our guest room to his Mom’s over the weekend. It is now ready to become the baby’s room. When I walk in there I get excited to decorate and get all the baby furniture in there. So many possibilities!

I’ve been feeling relatively good. Still have the fatigue, which may or may not be an advantage in Vegas. Lately when I wake up my hips are in serious pain – I’m not sure what to do about that other than trying to reposition my pillows. Poor Tony… he’s already at the end of the bed cause I’m taking up too much room. Soon he may have to sleep on the couch! Hahaha Such a good husband!

Well I’m into my Second Trimester now. I’m pretty excited about that. Still nervous about the rest of the preggo journey, but I feel like I’ve accomplished a small step!

As always… here are some pictures.

My Silly Husband in his apron.


The Group...Even Mav got in the picture. Next year we'll have kids too!!

Me and my Tony

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!!!!

Just wanted to wish everyone a safe and very Happy Halloween!

I had a busy day with my toddlers today - we picked pumpkins, then painted them. We had a big festive party with lots of sugary treats. Then closed out the day with a wonderful costume parade around our playground for all of the parents to enjoy. They were so CUTE!!! It was a good day but a long one and I'm exhausted.

We only had a couple trick or treaters tonight (less than 10!) - so I think next year we may not participate. Just too many sugary snacks left over - way too tempting!

Here are a couple pictures we snapped tonight with Maverick in his bumble bee costume. He was so adorable. I'm off to bed - I hope everyone had as good a day as we did!

Monday, October 29, 2007

"Five Little Pumpkins Sitting On A Gate..."

That's my favorite Halloween song. So cute!

It’s completely amazing to me just how fast the time flies by when you are enjoying what you do. Though I am sometimes a bit grumpy when I start work at 7AM, there is something so adorable about doing circle time and hearing my little toddlers clapping and cheering after they sing “itzy bitzy spider” or count to 10. It helps that I work with some pretty easy-going and nice people too. I think teaching definitely agrees with me.

I had such a busy week and weekend last week! On Friday I had an ultrasound to check the baby for indication of Down Syndrome. When they do the measurements, they are concerned when the level is around 40. Our level was at 14 at the highest so they are pretty sure we have nothing to worry about. I had a blood test anyway – just to see if I am a carrier. Though I hope and pray for a healthy baby, I know I will love and care for my child no matter what happens.

Saturday I spent baking cookies with Mom for my class’s Halloween Party on Wednesday. I also go to go to one of my favorite stores – the scrapbook station. I LOVE scrapbooking!! Yesterday was our dear friends Brian & Crystal’s baby shower. She got so much wonderful baby stuff!! Not only does she look absolutely adorable with her preggo belly, but she had the cutest laugh every time she opened up clothing for her son-to-be. I had a great time at the shower. I was a little shocked at just how much stuff a kid needs! Oh goodness… I think I’m in for a bit of a surprise.

This week is Halloween! Unfortunately, I still don’t think I’m wearing a costume for our party and parade on Wednesday. I just don’t feel comfortable in anything right now. I guess there’s always next year! I’m really excited for Wednesday though. I know most of my kids costume choices and I think they are going to be sooo cute! We’ll have dinosaurs, star wars characters, m&m’s, and even our own little Elvis! SO Excited!! I can’t wait to see all my little ones all dressed up for the big parade!

We have another big weekend coming up. I meeting up with friends Friday night for pizza and a movie. Saturday night we have our yearly “Thanksgiving Dinner” with our friends from Tony’s fraternity. I’m really excited. Not only to I get to spend several hours eating yummy food, but it’s in the company of great people – can’t beat that! This traditional dinner is one that I really look forward too every year. It’s the last time we’ll be adults “only” as we’ll be welcoming our little ones into the tradition next year – its one rite-of-passage I’m truly looking forward too. I hope our babies are as good of friends as we are.

Sunday starts the true countdown to Vegas! We leave next Wednesday for a 5 day trip for our friends’ Paul and Barbara’s wedding Saturday the 10th. Tony & I have always wanted to venture out to Vegas, now we get to go with friends and celebrate with them while they “tie-the-knot” Vegas style! I think we’re going to have a wonderful time…I just hope some of this tiredness eases up before we go.

Yep – I’ve still got the sleepiness. In fact – I will be climbing into my nice comfy bed the minute after I post this message! (and it’s only 8:30!) Most of the other symptoms I’ve had have thankfully passed. I am feeling pretty good. A little uncomfortable in my clothes and in my body, but I suppose that was to be expected. I’m really looking forward to the time when I can start to feel the baby moving around inside…I think it’ll be a little shocking, but completely amazing.

Alright I’m getting really sleepy now… so here are the ultrasound pictures the ubber-cranky doctor gave me last Friday. They are a bit fuzzy, but you can still make out Baby G’s head and little body. So cute!

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Busy Little Bees...

First, we just wanted to thank everyone for their well wishes, prayers, and congratulatory words. It is so nice to know we are surrounded by such loving people. Thank You!!

I’d also like to take a moment and congratulate our friends Jane and Nate on the birth of their second daughter this week, and also congratulate my cousin Todd and his wife Amy on the birth of their newest son.

It’s been a busy week! I can’t believe how quickly it flew by! I’ve been prepping the kids in my class for some Halloween festivities starting Monday. They are too cute. I’m really starting to bond with them and it’s nice that they are feeling so much more comfortable around me. On the 31st we’re going pumpkin picking and then we have a costume parade around the school. I can’t wait to see them all dressed up. Us teachers had the option to dress up too, but after trying on several outfits I became discouraged (everything is tight around my belly). I went to Old Navy and bought a cute little witch shirt which I’m going to wear that day instead.

This weekend we had dinner with friends on Friday night at Applebee’s. They have these new Dessert Shooters, which are fantastic (I recommend the hot fudge sundae)! I also tried their new cheese & dipping bread appetizer…it was like heaven!! Yesterday we went bowling with Tony’s engineering friends from college. I sat out after the second frame ‘cause I was exhausted! It was a good time though. It’s always nice getting together with people who are cheerful and look at life with such optimism. Plus – I scored over a 100 on my first game!! I haven’t done that in years, it really made my night.

Tony & I have a list of things that we’d like to do around the house before Baby G arrives. I started packing up all of the books I had sitting on the shelves in the guest room. We’re going to make that the baby room, so its time for me to put away my things. We’ve also started some demo work in the laundry room (Tony started it this morning). We’re going to enclose the hot water heater & other things (big scary machines I don’t know the names of) behind an accessible wall, and move the door to our downstairs bathroom to the other side. After all of that we’re going to do some painting in the bathroom and laundry room, then retile the floors. It’s a big job that we’ve been putting off, but we’d like to try and get it done now so that it’ll be one less thing were trying to finish before Baby G arrives.

Today I’m taking it easy. Very tired from such a big weekend. Am just working on some lesson plans and classroom decorations while I cook a nice pot roast for dinner. A couple more hours until the Eagles game! Go Birds!!!

Tony took a picture of me a few minutes ago while I was starting the pot roast. It’s not very clear, but you can see the belly! I thought I’d post it for everyone to see.

We’re halfway through week 11 now…I hope this week flies by just like this past week did. Every week that goes by makes me feel a little less nervous about the “M” word. I can’t wait for the second trimester to start!

Friday, October 12, 2007

Tony's Evening Project

This is just about the funniest thing I have ever seen.


Growing Nicely... (10/12)

I had an ultrasound today!!

I was concentrating on looking for the heartbeat when all of a sudden the baby “bounced.” Thinking it was my eyes playing tricks I looked again and “bounce” went the baby. I asked the Doc what was going on and she told me that the baby has hiccups!! Awwwww, poor Baby G!!! I knew I shouldn’t have eaten that yogurt so quickly before my appointment!

The heart is beating at a steady 165. Which is very exciting! There is something so cool about watching your little one’s heart beating. It’s very reassuring as well.

The Doc also noticed that I have a tiny knot of muscle scarring in the wall of the cervix. I already knew about this since I had LEAP surgery several years ago, but I had to ask if this could somehow affect my pregnancy. The Doc assured me that she didn’t think it would be a problem and that the worst that could potentially happen is that my cervix will not open at the end of my pregnancy. So basically, I would have to have a cesarian birth instead of vaginal. That’s just fine by me. As long as the baby stays put ‘til he or she is ready to come out, I will do whatever it takes.

Speaking of He or She – I had my first baby dream last night. In the beginning of the dream, I was at a house in the Poconos getting ready to leave for the night – when I remembered I had to go get the baby out of the crib. I went and picked the baby up – and immediately I knew it was a boy. I could feel his soft skin and see his light brown hair. I even called him by his name (no I’m not revealing the name). Then the dream was sort of “fast-forwarded” to a restaurant where several members of my family were enjoying dinner – along with my friends Lori and Lauren. We were laughing and enjoying ourselves when I had to change the baby’s diaper. Even in my dream I couldn’t escape a yucky poop diaper, but rest assured…it was definitely a boy in the dream. There could be lots of reasons why I dreamt of a boy but my favorite is a friend who mentioned some women have “premonition” dreams while they are pregnant. So I guess we will just have to wait and see if my dream is true! I don’t care either way. It was so much fun having that dream!

And now – for the Ultrasound picture. In the picture you can see the head and body as well as the arms and legs. SO cool! Enjoy Baby G’s latest pic!!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Better Be Growing A... (10/10)

Tony really cracks me up sometimes. We were sitting watching television tonight when I told him to say hello to my belly. So he said "Hello", then jokingly followed it up with "You better be making a penis in there, I don't need another vagina." I laughed so hard I had tears in my eyes. Sometimes he can be downright hilarious!

Thats all for today - just wanted to share his "funny" with you all.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Hormonal Rage....oops! (10/9)

It’s been Forever since I’ve written… sorry, my bad. It seems lately that when I’m not working, I’m sleeping…and when I’m not sleeping, I’m thinking about taking a nap. Vicious cycle that I’m told should ease up some time in my fourth month.

Last weekend was very exciting. Saturday night we went to my good friend Doug’s wedding – where I got to see many of this wonderful friends (whom I haven’t seen in years) & I got to see him and his new beautiful bride Ashley on their first day as husband and wife. We had an absolute blast. I remember dancing with Tony during one of the slow songs (Journey’s “Open Arms”) and thinking about my life. I was momentarily overcome with such joy that I almost started to cry. I’m pregnant. I’ve now been pregnant for almost 10 weeks – which isn’t that long, but already I feel like my entire life has changed for the better. I keep feeling like I must be the luckiest woman in the world. I have to admit that I was starting to give up hope (just a little bit) – and now – I get to have a baby!! I’m so happy and so in love with my belly.

On Sunday we went to our friends Steve and Danelle’s daughter Lauren’s 2nd birthday party. I can’t believe she is two!! I swear time just flies by. We spread the news around about the baby. (To be honest my belly is already showing a bump…so it was either let them think I’m getting fat…or tell our amazing news) A few of our friend’s husbands have predicted that I will be having a girl. I’m not entirely sure what they are basing this prediction on…but both Steve and Castle seem to think it’ll be a She. I cannot wait for Christmas to get here so we can find out if they are right! I honestly don’t care what the sex of our baby is – I’m just hoping he or she will be healthy.

I had a bit of hormonal rage today. Almost from the start of my pregnancy, I have been craving Cheeseburgers - which for me is a little strange. I’m the kind of girl who would rather have a hot dog than a burger any day… but low and behold suddenly I NEED to have Cheeseburgers, as many & as much as possible. (I even tried to get Tony to stop on the way home from Doug’s wedding just to get me a juicy cheeseburger). So today on my way home from work I stopped at McD’s. I ordered two Plain Double Cheeseburgers from the $ menu. Instead I received two cheese-less double burgers with everything on it. GROSS!! I’m sorry – but I don’t know how people can eat a burger with everything on it – it makes me gag. I was so mad at the McD’s people that I went in there and gave them a piece of my mind. I asked how hard it is to read – then followed it up with calling the burger maker person a moron. Anyone reading this knows that this isn’t exactly in my nature. I’m not the kind of person who makes waves… but today when my burgers were wrong…all hell broke loose. I’ve had little spurts of hormonal rage but this was the first time that I actually had to talk myself out of throwing something and cursing. Looking back now I just have to shake my head at myself and laugh. At least in the end I got the correct cheeseburgers! HaHaHaHa.

I go for my next doc appointment on Friday and I am super excited. I’m pretty sure I get to have another ultrasound! Woohoo!! Can’t wait to see my baby!

Also - this weekend is my Steltz Family Reunion. I was excited but also slightly bummed. I didn't think Carrie would be able to make it - but she's driving up with her friend Lauren & I am soooo excited! I hate being away from my little sis. She's the best. We're not going to tell the family that she's coming so it'll be a nice little surprise for them. Now Tony & I just have to decide whether we tell our little secret or wait until Halloween (which has been our plan all along). I guess we'll see!

Monday, September 24, 2007

Wait, What Was I Saying?? (9/24)

Pregnancy gives a whole new meaning to the term “Dumb Blond.” I’ll be in the middle of talking with someone or on my way to get something when suddenly – I have absolutely no idea what I was doing! I’ve also forgotten the names of everyday objects, and am completely stumped by the simplest questions.

Case in point: When talking with my friend Kelly this afternoon she said – You’re seven weeks now right? After thinking about it for a moment, I said “No, I’ll be seven weeks on Thursday.” It didn’t dawn on me for the next fifteen minutes that I’ll actually be eight weeks on Thursday. Silly Bobbi!

An update on the job: I like the kids. They are sweet and funny and some can listen very well. I think my real problem is the nine hour day. For those of you who are not preggo (or for the men who will never get it) – working 9 hours feels more like you’ve just gotten done jogging up three flights of stairs after running a ½ day marathon after working out at the gym for 5 hours. When you’re pregnant – you’re tired ALL the time. Your body is using so much of its energy up just doing what it needs to support the baby that when you add a full time job on top of it – phew it’s exhausting!

I think I need to take a nap…

Friday, September 21, 2007

Whoosh Whoosh, Whoosh Whoosh (9/21)

We heard the heartbeat this morning!!! Of course being the hormonal emotional freak that I am I cried my eyes out, but it was amazing. There is something so overwhelming about the thought that I am able to have this wondrous little baby growing inside of me. I guess with everything we have been through with the trying and hiccups along the way I just feel amazed that its finally happening for us.

Today’s ultrasound was the last we will have at South Jersey Fertility Center. It was a bittersweet moment as we headed out the door after our appointment. On one hand, I am glad I no longer need to be seen for infertility. On the other – I have come to really trust and care for some of the doctors and nurses I’ve met. I got a little choked up saying goodbye to Kat. She was a great nurse - sweet and caring, and I could feel the genuine happiness radiating out of her for us as we hugged goodbye. She’s really one of those people who make you feel special and cared for. I’m going to miss her.

My due date has changed (again! lol). Our baby is now due to be born on May 8th! That means I was officially 7 weeks preggo yesterday (Thursday). This is so exciting!!!! Hopefully that also means we will find out the sex of the baby right around Christmas. Since we’re still only 7 weeks we’re going to wait until the beginning of November to announce our news to the world. It’s been so hard to wait! We’re just so excited that we want to tell everyone we meet! Already we’ve told a few people, mostly because we just can’t help ourselves. I’m just so happy!! Below is our next ultrasound pictures. The first is just of the baby with the current measurement. Right now its 10.92 mm long, which means it’s a little less than half an inch. I’ve been told its about the size of a blueberry. (So Cute!!) The second picture is of the heartbeat. The baby’s heart is beating at 135.15 bpm! Enjoy the new pics!! (I'm soooo happy!!!)

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Exhausted!! (9/18)

Who knew two-year-olds would have so much drama??

So it’s my second day as the head teacher in the toddler room. There’s lots of screaming, crying, pushing, hitting, and snotty noses. I’ve come to hate the word “Mine.” Most of the kids are good – I mean they are Two, so of course they are going to have their moments. Plus I keep reminding myself that most are sweet and just want to be loved.

I’ve had between 7 and 16 kids in one classroom at one time. I have two assistants so I can split them up and send some to the adjacent room, but still! Sheesh…that is a lot of little people to run after, and MANY diapers to change.

Preggo Mc Preggerson: I'm also really feeling the fatigue from the I'm sure that has a lot to do with my lack of energy at work. Other than the fatigue, a bit of nausea, and my boobs hurting (sorry but its true), I've been um.... a little emotional of late. :)

Prime example- My friend Nichole emailed me this link... and while watching it I had tears streaming down my face. The little girl in this (Connie) is so absolutely precious that you just can't take your eyes off of her. So so sweet.

Friday, September 14, 2007

Heartbeat! (9/14)

Wow, what a day… and its only 11 AM!!

This morning Tony and I went for our second ultrasound. Baby is a little smaller than the doc would like, but still looking good. (To that Tony says, “Well, we’re both small people!”). One very amazing thing happened while we were looking at the ultrasound. We saw this little bit of fluttering on the screen. The baby’s heart has started to beat!!

I can’t even express the amount of joy I feel at seeing my baby’s heart beat. I hardly remember anything else the Doc said – all I could see was that little flutter on the screen. I am completely dazzled by it.

I came out of the exam room and showed the picture to one of my favorite nurses’ Kat. She said I was glowing & I felt like I was too.

We go back next Friday for the next ultrasound and I absolutely can not wait.

The only strange thing that happened at the office is that the Doc said our Due Date was different from what we had been thinking it was. He predicted a due date of April 11th. That’s a month earlier than we thought! We realize that he’s the Doc, so he should know, but I’m not so sure. If you do the math (my estimated conception date was August 12th), the date comes out to be May 6th. So until we get a reaffirmation of the due date – I’m sticking with May (though I’d be happy to have my baby sooner!).

Baby stuff aside, I had some other good news this morning! I had an interview earlier this week for a preschool in Voorhees. They were looking for an Assistant Teacher in the Toddler Room. So, I went in and applied. At the interview, the Director mentioned that there was also a possible opening for the Head Teacher position in that room. Since she wasn’t sure at the time, I gave it a fleeting wish, but let it go. As long as I could be a teacher in some way – I would be happy! Well, she called me this morning and offered me the Head Teacher position!!! I am ecstatic! Finally I get to be a teacher!!! I cannot wait to get started on Monday with creating lesson plans and meeting the kids!

This has been a truly fantastic morning!

Here’s the second ultrasound picture. It’s a little fuzzy, but you get to see our little one again!

Thursday, September 13, 2007

When You Least Expect It - A Miracle!! (9/13)

I thought I would start this blog to sort of share in our journey to parenthood, as well as keep our family and friends up to date of the progress of our growing Baby.

As most who will read this know, we have tried for over two years to get pregnant. Through doctors visits, surgeries, hormone drugs, needles (lots and lots of needles), and many disappointments…we’ve finally gotten pregnant! The surprising thing is that we were not currently on any of the fertility drugs or having any treatments when “poof” pregnancy happened! I guess everyone was right – when you stop trying so hard, sometimes it can just happen. (Although I think some of the credit for getting preggers is due to the fact that I had just quit my seriously toxic job as well). I just thank God for the opportunity to feel like a fully functional woman blessed with an amazing gift.

I’m still in a bit of shock over it actually. One day I’m thinking about my plans for the coming year and the next thing I know – I’m pregnant. I’ve got this amazing little miracle growing inside my belly! I feel like the luckiest person alive. Everything we’ve been through to get here seems like a dream someone else was having. I can’t stop touching my stomach. I can’t wait to cradle my baby in my arms!

So we are 6 weeks and 2 days along. Our little one is about the size of a lentil bean. Baby’s heart has started to beat (though we haven’t seen or heard it yet), and many of Baby’s organs have started to form. Won’t be long now til things will really start to take shape!

Meanwhile, I have been exhausted. Sometimes I get a little nauseous, sometimes my boobs hurt, sometimes I’m bloated, and sometimes I get some cramping (uterus “stretching”). Mostly it’s all been pretty mild. I just keep telling myself that the crappier I feel the more Baby is reminding me that it’s safely tucked away in my belly and that everything is all right.

Here is the photo from our first ultrasound. We had it done on Tuesday. At that time we were only 5W 6D along. We have another ultrasound appointment tomorrow & I can’t wait to see Baby again.