Sunday, December 30, 2007

Like A Bowl Full Of Jelly...

Yep - I resemble Santa Claus. I’ve always had a big laugh as it is, so now when I laugh my entire belly shakes and shakes. It’s pretty funny to see.

Christmas was really nice for us this year. Not only did we get some great gifts – but the baby got some nice gifts too! We got a cute book with finger puppets from my cousin Jason & his wife Suzin, we got the sweetest little onesie from one of the kids in my class that reads “Made With Love” in green, we got a wonderful gift card for Babies R Us from another little one in my class, and last night Tony’s Mom’s friends Alicia and David gave us two little onesies with puppies on them, along with wash clothes & an “alligator” swaddling towel. My parents also got the baby a gift. A little hess truck, which Tony was really excited to play with.

My folks got me these cute overalls which I had been salivating for since I found out I was preggers. They are super cute and really comfy. It’s been hard to find clothes I feel comfortable in. With things on my body shifting this way and that I sometimes get disgusted looking in the mirror. I remind myself that its all for the baby, but its still hard to feel confident when nothing fits right and I’m always uncomfortable. I can’t believe I am only 5 months into this pregnancy…I think my belly is going to need its own zip code by the time I’m ready to pop! Hahaha.

The baby just moved in my belly. It’s so strange to feel the little bubbles and know that it’s the baby saying “hello” – though in this case I think it’s a reminder that I need to get my butt down to the kitchen and feed us soon. Tony was able to feel my belly move for the first time yesterday morning. It is so much more fun now that he can experience more with the baby’s growth. We’re going to start painting the baby’s room next week & we started working on a list of names (nope I’m not telling!) Even Maverick is getting involved. He lays on my lap and puts his head on my belly. I swear he knows there's a little guy in there! I can’t wait to meet our little man and bring him home to his room & put him in all the cute little clothes! It gets more and more exciting every day!
Christmas Day ~ The Gonzalez Family - We wore our pjs ALL day - it was great!

My New Overalls! Aren't they cute!!

Christmas Eve ~ My sweet cousin Alina and her daughter Tia.

Tony and Me on Christmas Morning.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

At the Halfway Point!

Woohoo!!! We've made it to 20 weeks. This is still so amazing to me!

Last weekend was crazy. We had our Holiday Concert at school for my toddler class. They were adorable, but unfortunetly only one little one didn't cry. We did some fun activities during the day though, and I took some pictures of them "practicing." Friday night was my Holiday party for work. The food wasn't that great but hanging with Jenn, Ben, Katie, and Dawn was great! Saturday night our friends Michelle and Rich had their annual Christmas Party - what a blast! I laughed until my insides hurt, I just love hanging out with my girls and their hubbies. Sunday was Mom's birthday so we had a nice lunch with her and dad and told them about their future Grandson.

This week is going by slowly...possibly because I have off all of next week for a nice Christmas break & I can't wait to just relax and enjoy the holiday! This Friday should be a lot of fun though, we're having a Holiday Pajama Pizza Party with my friend Miss Jenn's class. We're all wearing pajamas to work and watching Christmas movies with our kids. I can't wait. It's going to a great day!
Practicing For Our Holiday Show
My Girls
The Group

Me & Tony (same one as ----> but not fuzzy lol)

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Drumroll Please...

And The Gender of Our Little One Is...

It's A Boy!!!!!!

Here are some pictures from Friday's wonderful ultrasound. The baby kept moving - punching and kicking up a storm but it was easy for the nurse to tell us we're having a son. :) We're soooo happy and can't wait to decorate his room and start thinking of names.
His side profile. Head (you can make out the ear) & his body.
"The Money Shot" You can see his little butt, his legs, and the arrow pointing to his "wee."
His little head and arm. He's getting ready to suck his thumb.

He's Crossing His Little Legs.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Brrrrr..."Baby Its Cold Outside"

This is a big week for us. Hopefully if all goes well we’ll know the sex of our baby by the weekend! I am soooooo excited! We both can’t wait to start coming up with names and decorating the room. This is so exciting. I just hope he or she lets us get a peek! Lol.

Also - I pretty sure I have been feeling the baby moving. Not a whole lot & I can't always tell if that is what I am really feeling, but I am pretty sure I've felt some movement or "quickening" as it is refered too. I can't wait to really feel the kicks!

It snowed last week. The first snow of the season for us in Jersey. I can’t say that I’m a fan of snow – at least not when it falls during the week and I have to drive in it. Since I had no choice I decided to make the best of it. I took Maverick out to play in it when I got home from work and he loved it. Mostly I couldn’t get him to look at the camera he was bouncing and shoving his face into the snow so much that I couldn’t distract him. He did let me get one good picture of him looking at the camera (I had to promise him a Scooby snack). I think it’s the picture we’ll use for our Christmas card this year. Here’s a few pictures from his fun in the snow.

Mav shoving his face into the snow.

Maverick running toward me through the snow.

Did you say Scooby Snack?? (This will be a part of our Christmas card this year.)

Monday, December 3, 2007

That Time Of Year Again!

I absolutely love the holiday season. I'd have to say its my favorite time of year. I always feel like there is so much love and magic in the air. This year my hormones have me at my peak as far as emotions go. Just this afternoon I was listening to Jim Reeves singing "Silent Night" and for no reason what-so-ever I burst into tears. Strange, I know - but I suppose that pregnancy for ya.

This weekend the baby's furniture (crib and changing table) was delivered! Our friends Steve and Danelle were gracious enough to give us their old furniture which looks brand new...and smells like sweet baby powder! We are so grateful to them. It's wonderful to have such great friends.

Tony also finished putting up our Christmas lights this weekend. We now have 10,000 twinkling lights - just like Clark Griswold!

Here's some pictures.