Tuesday, November 6, 2007

What Happens In Vegas...

Well we’re off on our Vegas vacation tomorrow. (I can’t help but think of the Griswold’s!) It looks like this will be our last trip away before our little one comes so we’re going to have as much fun as possible.

To be honest, I’m not sure what to expect. I’ve been trying to figure out what to pack and I’m stumped. Thankfully Tony took me out and got me a few new maternity shirts to bring, but I’m still not sure what I’ll need. Weather’s suppose to be in the low 70s, but a bit chilly at night. I hate overpacking, but I think I might have to this time…just so I’m ready for anything! I’m excited for Paul & Barb’s wedding on Saturday. I’ve heard a Vegas wedding is an experience like nothing else. (I just can’t wait for “Elvis” to sing while Barb walks down the aisle at the Chapel of Love). I’ll be sure to post pictures.

Last weekend we had our annual Thanksgiving Dinner with his fraternity brothers and their families. Only eight of us were able to make it this year, but we had an absolute blast! A full day of cooking and eating – I was in absolute heaven! This year Tony attempted to make a “T-du-r-kin” its when you cook a chicken inside a duck inside a turkey & fill in the layers with stuffing. It took a lot of prep work, including de-boning all three birds, but I’m pleased to say it was AMAZING. When he cut into it you could see the layers of meat & stuffing. Everything was moist and delicious. If it hadn’t been so much work I think he would have made it again for our actual Thanksgiving Dinner with our family later on this month – but having had it at least once was enough to make me a “T-du-r-kin” fan for life! Yummy! (Pics Below)

We took the bed that was in our guest room to his Mom’s over the weekend. It is now ready to become the baby’s room. When I walk in there I get excited to decorate and get all the baby furniture in there. So many possibilities!

I’ve been feeling relatively good. Still have the fatigue, which may or may not be an advantage in Vegas. Lately when I wake up my hips are in serious pain – I’m not sure what to do about that other than trying to reposition my pillows. Poor Tony… he’s already at the end of the bed cause I’m taking up too much room. Soon he may have to sleep on the couch! Hahaha Such a good husband!

Well I’m into my Second Trimester now. I’m pretty excited about that. Still nervous about the rest of the preggo journey, but I feel like I’ve accomplished a small step!

As always… here are some pictures.

My Silly Husband in his apron.


The Group...Even Mav got in the picture. Next year we'll have kids too!!

Me and my Tony

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