Friday, November 30, 2007

Rolly Polly

Tony and I went to the OB yesterday. Just a routine checkup. We were able to hear Baby G’s heartbeat again, but only after they had to really work to “tune into” my belly with the Doppler. At first the heartbeat was a faint sound in a noisy background. The baby was moving around so much that we kept getting this scratching sound. Eventually the Doc found a good spot and then we heard the “whoosh, whoosh” of the heartbeat loud and clear! I always get nervous before we go to the doctor. I guess a part of me will always be jaded and worried that something might be wrong. It’s amazing how fast a little whoosh sound will lift your spirits and reassure you that everything is alright.

I thought I should take a moment and clarify something… when I refer to the baby as Baby G – the G stands for Gonzalez (our last name) not Girl. Some people were getting confused. We don’t yet know what we’re having but are anxiously awaiting our next ultrasound so we can find out. It’ll happen in a few weeks & we’ll be sure to let everyone know if our wee babe is a girl or boy.

I have been referring to the baby lately as Baby Cashew (instead of peanut). It got the nickname from a fellow teacher (& friend) from school. She dubbed the baby that nickname, and I rather enjoy it. Doesn’t take much to make me happy & I think it’s great that the baby has a nickname even before its born!

I thought I felt a little bit of fluttering in my belly this week. I’m not sure though. It’s hard to tell, especially for us first time mommies. I can’t wait for the first time Tony will get to feel the baby kicking. I think it will be one of those surreal moments you remember always. Speaking of – I told one of the little girls at school “Ms. Bobbi has a baby in her belly”. She repeated “Baby in Belly” back to me. Which was super cute. What is even more adorable now is that every time I ask her what is in my belly she says “Baby” then comes over and pats my belly. She even likes to kiss the baby (my shirt where my belly sticks out). Some of the other kids have started it too & it just melts my heart. It’s amazing how much these little people comprehend & how much love they have to give.

They say you can have some pretty wacky dreams when your pregnant. Here’s a doosy. Last night I had what I refer to as the “Noah’s Ark” dream. I dreamt that somehow Tony and I found out the world would be engulfed in a terrible flood that would last for three months. We only had a month to prepare so we got our family’s money together and bought this big boat. We had everything organized and managed to get everyone on board in time for the rain to turn into the flood waters. It was a long strange dream. I woke up this morning thinking I just had to look that up in the dream dictionary. Apparently, my dream means that I will soon have an end to all my worries. I like the sound of that!

I forgot to post this picture of Maverick on Thanksgiving. It was such a busy crazy day that I just didn’t get a chance to do it. I hope everyone had a safe and happy day. So happy we’re in the holiday season!!

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