Friday, April 10, 2009

Little McTommy Had A Farm E-I-E-I-O

We’ve had a great start to the holiday weekend. Last night I met up with a couple girlfriends to get pedicures, then appetizers at a local restaurant. I loved the girl-time, and my toes look pretty now too! Then I woke up this morning to a sunny warm day, and a happy baby who cuddled up to me this morning when I retrieved him from his crib. After his morning nap we were off to the local grocery store in search of our Easter ham. Along the way I stopped when I saw a neighbor getting ready to leave some kids’ toys and things out for the trash. He had a huge “practically new” kitchen playset (apparently his kids never played with it and it was taking up too much room), a toy workbench, a little bike, and a tricycle/bike thing. He asked if I wanted all of it. To which I said “absolutely!!!” I wasn’t able to fit it into my jeep, so he loaded up his truck, drove over to our house (about 8 houses away) and unloaded all of the stuff for me. That was so neighborly and nice! Next, while we were at the grocery store, a woman saw me looking at yogurt and mentioned she had an extra coupon if I would like to have it she’d give it to me! We chatted about the baby for a moment or two, then she handed over her extra coupon and we were on our way. So on top of the other coupons I already had…I was able to save an addition couple dollars! Love that! The rest of the afternoon went by quickly, and by the time Tony got home the weather was so lovely we decided to go for a nice long walk, then we played out in the backyard with Tommy and Mav for a while. It was wonderful! I took a bunch of pictures of Tommy and Tony playing together in the grass, and a couple of Tommy playing on the tractor, some with my cell phone so they don't look as good. Tommy was wearing these overalls that made him look like a little farmer. Hilarious! I hope everyone is having a great Friday too, and that you all have a great weekend with a very Happy Easter!

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