Tuesday, April 28, 2009

"Mem" AKA Mommy To My ONE Year Old!!

I feel bad for having not written for so long. Things have been crazy busy here at our house. Tommy's more and more active during the day, I now care for children in my home daycare four days out of the week, and every weekend seems to be packed with exciting outdoor activities or Spring home improvements! We’re getting prepared and excited for Tommy’s big 1st birthday bash this Saturday. It’s family, extended family, and a few of Tommy’s “school” friends. Unfortunately, the weather isn’t looking very promising, but we’re keeping our fingers crossed that it won’t affect our party plans too much. Tommy turned 1 on Tuesday the 21st. He had a pretty bad cold, and ear infections in both ears, poor little guy. He was cranky and slept for most of the day, but still enjoyed his first cupcake, visits from his Gramma and his Abuela, and a couple cool toys from Mom and Dad. We got him a little red swing which we attached to our pergola so that he has something to do while we enjoy the outdoors, and also a giant rubber ball which I picked up at Walmart for $2! I love how children his age are entertained by the simplest and most in-expensive things. For Tony and I, the first birthday is very very special – so we decided to go all out. We don’t plan on throwing a big party every year, in fact this year’s party – with its expected 85 guests…will most likely be the biggest party Tommy has until his wedding! Ha! We’re making most of the food and decorations ourselves…so when we’re not hanging out with the munchkin, we’ve been spending our "free" time preparing things and the house, for the party. I don’t want to put too many pictures up yet…because I want our guests to be surprised by everything we’ve got planned – not that it’s a lot…but presentation is key! I promise to post a ton of pictures afterwards for all to see. It’s going to be a great party, we’ve truly outdone ourselves this time!
We still feel so blessed that we were not only able to conceive a child, but that he is now a healthy, and happy 1 year old little boy. The year was a big one, a lot of learning and new experiences for all of us. We’re a small happy unit with wonderfully supportive and loving extended family and friends. I’m so grateful, and glad to be able to share some of our lives with them…even if it’s mostly through periodic phone calls, visits, and blog updates.

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