Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Catching Up

Tommy truly is the class clown of my little daycare. Sometimes I'll catch him doing something just because he saw me laugh at him one time.
As he approaches 13 months, Tony and I have noticed that he mimics us a lot more, even if its just with sounds and not necessarily clear words. He's also begun to ask for his juice, milk (which he still calls "Bah"), and answers us when we ask him questions by shaking his head no or yes, but also making gestures. For example, if I ask him if he'd like more cherrios he will make the American Sign Language gesture for >more<.
Over the Mother's Day weekend we took him to Toys-R-Us. We had wanted a wagon for his first birthday gift, so we went to pick it out. He had a ball in the store, and remarkably, we left with only what we came in to buy. For stories I've heard from other parents, I'm guessing that is not always the case. We also went down the shore to meet Tommy's new little "cousin" Angelo who was born to our good friends Lori and Dano at the end of April. Our other friends Rich and Michelle must have woken up Saturday morning with the same idea we had, because they went to visit then too...so all of us were there together with our kids. We laughed at how different life is now than it was when we were running around the campus of Immaculata during our college years.
My Mother's Day was wonderful. Tony bought me two Azalea bushes, then planted them next to our front stairs. He also made me a wonderful breakfast of eggs benedict, and made grilled shrimp stuffed with crab for dinner! I was able to spend most of the day just doing nothing at all, and it felt Great! I haven't done "nothing" in a very long time. Next year I may even sleep in! Ha!

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