Monday, May 11, 2009


I am so sorry it has taken me so long to post pictures from Tommy's birthday party. I sprained my right wrist the day after the party (I am right-handed), and while I'm still having pain and trouble using my hand/wrist. I didn't want to wait any longer to post pictures. Also - while it may not seem so from these pictures I am posting, I do not have that many from that day, so if anyone took pictures, could you please email them to me. I'd like to have them for Tommy's scrapbook.
Now, without further Adieu...

The night before. Carrie and her friend Nicolelynn drove up for the party. They arrived late Friday night to help Tony and I with all the party prep, and to spend some quality time with Tommy. I baked two white cakes, two chocolate cakes, and a marble cake Thursday night, and stored them in the fridge until we were able to decorate them Friday night. Friday night after we put Tommy to bed we set up as much as we could, then it was on to creating the huge dinosaur cake. Tony's one request was that I make a huge dino cake. And so...I did! I carved out the cake by hand, then Carrie and Nicolelynn helped me frost and decorate it. Thank you ladies! I had a great time making it with you!
Tommy checking out his dinosaur cake and hanging out with Aunt Carrie the morning of the party.
The dinner entree tables, and Tommy's gifts. Thank you to everyone who brought a dish to share & for those who helped with decorating before the party, we truly could not have pulled this off without you! We had a great spread of food, lots of variety. Each one labelled with its own special dinosaur Tyrannasaurus Rex Chicken Nuggets, Lava Meatballs, etc...I had a blast thinking up, and creating all the little extras to make the party as kid-friendly as possible and all dinosaur related.
Tent City - Tony sent up a huge tent outside since they were calling for rain the entire week, and weekend. Miraculously, at about 1pm...just two hours before the party was set to begin, the skies cleared, and the sun came out. It was sunny and warm and all-around lovely for the rest of the day/night! We decorated the entire area with paper mache volcanoes (which I made and painted myself!), green and orange plastic tablecovers, green and orange balloons, mini neon bubbles and dinosaurs, large blown up dinosaurs, chocolate dinosaur lollipops, and had a table full of appetizers and snacks - each one complete with a dinosaur named food label. Unfortunately, I don't have any other pictures of the decor, but I think everyone enjoyed the dinosaur atmosphere, and I think I used the space wisely enough to not make the dino-theme "overused" and gaudy.
Pinata Time (Thank you for taking these pictures Jules!!).
We were so proud of ourselves and happy we were able to throw a big party for our little man.
Cake Time, Tommy loved the chocolate cake I baked for him...especially cause he could make a huge mess!
Me and Jane
Sticking his finger up Aunt Carrie's nose.
Carrie and I have to take at least one "self-portrait" of ourselves...its tradition.
Kisses For Mommy
I love him so much.

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