Monday, February 18, 2008

Gotta Love A Three Day Weekend

I wish we always had three day weekends. Its so nice to be able to take a day and do nothing at all.

This weekend was suppose to be my sorority reunion up at Immaculata. I was really looking forward to spending some time with my friends and seeing my alma mater, but once again - I got sick. I ended up with the Flu & it was No fun. It lasted part of Saturday and all of Sunday, so I wasn't able to go to the reunion. I hope the girls who went had a good time. I sat here and bugged Tony with my sulking! :)

A couple people have asked for information about the hospital where we will be delivering our little guy, so I posted up directions way in advance for when the time comes. I'll keep them there (look to the right) so that whenever the time Finally gets here to meet our little one, the directions will be there!

I did manage to start a little project of mine this weekend. I wanted to make a couple of personalized onesies. Here's an example of one that I made. It's the green apple for The Beatles. I am also making a few other "band" onesies, including two with STYX logos on them! They are turning out really cute and I can't wait to see my little guy in them.

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