Friday, June 13, 2008

Friday the 13th

Yesterday was my wedding anniversary. I can’t believe its been four years. It seems like it was just yesterday that I walked down the aisle to become Tony’s wife. I was looking through my scrapbook yesterday and remembered what a great day it was. One of the greatest days of my life! We celebrated by ordering our favorite sandwiches (from Primos’) for dinner and going to see the new Indiana Jones movie while my MIL watched the baby. I had wanted to go to a fancy dinner to celebrate, but as it turns out the time we spent together last night was more enjoyable and memorable than any expensive and stuffy restaurant would have been. We saw “Indy” at the Ritz, which in my opinion is really the only theater to see a movie in. It’s clean, the seats recline, they have a “no kids” rule (no annoying teenagers!!), and best of all, they have a coffee shop with the best Mochaccino (chocolate cappuccino) I’ve ever had! (Going on a week night was great – there were only about 10 people watching the movie with us!) We got to the theater about ten minutes before the movie began, found our seats, and sipped our coffee. Tony held my hand almost the entire night, which is a something we rarely get to do now with our little wiggler (Tommy) at home. It was “us” time that neither of us realized how much we needed. The movie itself was great – there was admittedly one part of the movie that could seem little far-fetched, but having gone with prior knowledge of the story behind the mystery of the crystal skulls and keeping in mind that the movie is set in 1947, it makes sense. Indiana Jones has always been one of my heroes. Watching those movies as a kid was part of the reason for wanting to study History in college. For the longest time I wanted to be an archeologist. No matter how many times I see the movies, I am still completely fascinated by them and I’m glad this latest installment left me feeling just as I do when I watch the first three.

Today is Friday, the 13th! It makes me wish for thunderstorms, a bowl of popcorn, and as many scary movies as I can cram into one night.

I hope it’s a nice weekend. Tony built a pergola on part of our concrete slab in our backyard. We’re hoping to stain and seal the wood this weekend. We’re still trying to decide whether we want to put our 6-person table set underneath it, or if we would like to get some comfy lounge chairs for it. We are planning on adding some hanging plants, as well as covering the top with ivy or some kind of flowering vine. Tony did an amazing job building it. I can’t wait to go out on a Saturday morning and sit underneath it while I sip my morning coffee. Here's a picture of it (photo doesn't do it justice). Isn't it great though! You can almost picture the hanging plants (I'm thinking hot pink or baby blue flowers) and ivy hanging overhead.

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