Friday, July 11, 2008

Yes, you've come to the right place!

Anyone who knows me (especially having grown up with me), knows that I have a hard time leaving things looking or being one way for too long. I think it use to drive my folks crazy when I was a kid with how many times I moved the furniture around in my bedroom. I sometimes need to “tweak” my surroundings, just a little bit in order to satisfy my need for something a little different. Hence, a new layout & background for the blog! I love the new look & hope you do too – its called “Harbor” and felt very calm and beachy to me.

This week has gone by very quickly, though I feel like I really haven’t done much. Tommy was sick one day with a fever. He ended up projectile vomiting across our living room covering himself, me, our couch, the carpet, and our coffee table (don’t worry I didn’t take any pictures). I took him to the doctor and everything checked out just fine. He was feeling better by the next afternoon. It was the first time he spit up like that, and I was completely unprepared for the gross out factor. I think I would have gagged if I hadn’t been so worried about him choking.

We’ve begun to plan Tommy’s Christening. It’s going to be August 17th at the church we attend (we were wed at) in Haddonfield. We are both really excited. I absolutely love my church. I always feel so welcomed and it’s nice to be able to worship alongside parishioners who are kind and caring and actually want to get to know you.

Tonight we plan on going to an antique car show. Tony has been looking forward to this for a while (It’s Tommy’s first car show) & I’m excited to share the experience with them.

Let’s see… a picture…here are a couple cute ones I took of Tommy’s first time sitting in his highchair. He’s not ready for any solid foods yet, but I just wanted to see his reaction. As you can see…he likes it! (Though I think he likes anything involving being fed! hahaha). I’m excited, because now he can sit along side us at dinner time so that we can all enjoy a family meal.

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