Monday, January 19, 2009

25 Random Things

My cousin Beth started this…so I thought I would post mine. I’m hoping my readers will post their own…I’m always interested in learning new things about people.

Here they are in no particular order, 25 random things about me.

1. I prefer the colors blue and green because they remind me of the ocean.
2. Styx is my favorite band – their music is the soundtrack of my life, and I think it’s awesome that people text or email me when they’ve heard a Styx song on the radio (because it made them think of me).
3. I would like to be an author – not famous – but to make enough money to live off my writing.
4. I would remarry my husband in a heartbeat and have had dreams of renewing our vows many times over the last (almost) five years.
5. I think wearing shoes and socks are overrated, and wish I could go around barefooted everywhere. Preferably in my pajamas, like Hugh Hefner.
6. I love to bake and cook. I’m good at it, but hate doing it when someone ungraciously expects it of me.
7. I secretly wish I played guitar in a rock band...or at least knew how to play. I am thrilled Tommy seems to love music as much as I do.
8. I like to listen to others tell me stories of their lives. I wish I could bottle them up, to be poured out like a fine wine when I am in need of entertainment, inspiration, or guidance.
9. I am terribly afraid of big dogs, the dentist, and people wearing masks.
10. Tommy has made my life complete. I know I was meant to be his mother, and am thrilled each and every day that I get to spend with him.
11. I think we (Tony and I) could be good friends with Sebastian Bach (ex Frontman of Skid Row) – he seems down to earth, intelligent, and funny – who doesn’t like a friend with those qualities?
12. My struggle with infertility issues changed who I am, and I am glad my openness about it helps others to know they aren’t alone. Tommy has made it all worth it, and then some. I truly believe in miracles.
13. I think tattoos are sexy, artistic, and a personal choice – one which I embrace whole heartedly.
14. Someday I’d like to own a home on a lake in Colorado, and spend my days surrounded by nature.
15. I really enjoy going to my church and feel at peace whenever I am there.
16. I have panic attacks when I drive in the rain.
17. I can’t wait to go on vacations with Tony and Tommy. We love to travel, and can’t wait to show Tommy the world.
18. I’d like to go back to the body I had in my early twenties, but not go back in time – it was fun and all, but the past should definitely stay where it is.
19. I truly love my family and friends with every beat of my heart – I see something wonderful in each one of you.
20. I am against the mistreatment of animals, especially for entertainment purposes.
21. I wish for a better life for Tommy than I had – and I have had a pretty awesome life.
22. I love the rare times when Maverick curls up on my lap so I can scratch his ears & belly.
23. I love fried food. Especially fries, mozzarella sticks, and calamari.
24. I believe magic is real, and can be found everywhere.
25. My idea of romance is sitting in front of a warm fireplace, wrapped up in a blanket, sipping a glass of wine, while listening to music and the crackling of burning logs.

Okay…those are mine… now its your turn!

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Jill said...

Very good list! :) You're adorable