Monday, March 9, 2009

March The Lioness

Weather-wise, last week was really strange. It snowed Sunday into Monday. We ended up with about 7 inches, maybe a little more. It was the kind of snow where everything gets icey and driving conditions are not good. So Tony took a half day, and we had some family fun out in the snow. Tommy actually enjoyed himself for the first time, I think its because all of us (including Mav) were outside having fun. I laughed and laughed while playing photographer, and Tony pulled Tommy around the backyard in his sled while they chased Mav around. By the end of the week, and throughout the weekend the weather dramatically changed. At one point it was as warm as 70 degrees! It made for a beautiful weekend. We spent the entire weekend visiting with friends and family, including our good friends Rich and Michelle who just had their first daughter this past Wednesday (the 4th). Madeline Brigette is 6 lbs of cutie pie. Hearing her tiny little cry brought back a flood of memories for Tony and I. Tommy is in love with his new little girlfriend (he kept kissing her tiny little forehead).
I took a few more pictures so you can see Tommy’s teeth coming in. We have had a few rough nights this past week, including last night. He has been handling the pain really well during the day, but at night it seems that he just can’t get comfortable. I can’t wait for this third tooth to pop through so he has some relief from the teething.
Also – here is the picture of my vase after it was fired and glazed this week. Tony bought me a bunch of flowers to put inside it. Such a great hubby. While you can definitely tell I’m an amateur, it still turned out really nicely, and I can’t wait to go make more pieces.BTW - For Kimmie and Lauren (and anyone else looking to read a romantic chick-lit book) I just finished reading Love Walked In, by Marisa De Los Santos. SERIOUSLY GOOD! I highly recommend it!

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