Monday, October 29, 2007

"Five Little Pumpkins Sitting On A Gate..."

That's my favorite Halloween song. So cute!

It’s completely amazing to me just how fast the time flies by when you are enjoying what you do. Though I am sometimes a bit grumpy when I start work at 7AM, there is something so adorable about doing circle time and hearing my little toddlers clapping and cheering after they sing “itzy bitzy spider” or count to 10. It helps that I work with some pretty easy-going and nice people too. I think teaching definitely agrees with me.

I had such a busy week and weekend last week! On Friday I had an ultrasound to check the baby for indication of Down Syndrome. When they do the measurements, they are concerned when the level is around 40. Our level was at 14 at the highest so they are pretty sure we have nothing to worry about. I had a blood test anyway – just to see if I am a carrier. Though I hope and pray for a healthy baby, I know I will love and care for my child no matter what happens.

Saturday I spent baking cookies with Mom for my class’s Halloween Party on Wednesday. I also go to go to one of my favorite stores – the scrapbook station. I LOVE scrapbooking!! Yesterday was our dear friends Brian & Crystal’s baby shower. She got so much wonderful baby stuff!! Not only does she look absolutely adorable with her preggo belly, but she had the cutest laugh every time she opened up clothing for her son-to-be. I had a great time at the shower. I was a little shocked at just how much stuff a kid needs! Oh goodness… I think I’m in for a bit of a surprise.

This week is Halloween! Unfortunately, I still don’t think I’m wearing a costume for our party and parade on Wednesday. I just don’t feel comfortable in anything right now. I guess there’s always next year! I’m really excited for Wednesday though. I know most of my kids costume choices and I think they are going to be sooo cute! We’ll have dinosaurs, star wars characters, m&m’s, and even our own little Elvis! SO Excited!! I can’t wait to see all my little ones all dressed up for the big parade!

We have another big weekend coming up. I meeting up with friends Friday night for pizza and a movie. Saturday night we have our yearly “Thanksgiving Dinner” with our friends from Tony’s fraternity. I’m really excited. Not only to I get to spend several hours eating yummy food, but it’s in the company of great people – can’t beat that! This traditional dinner is one that I really look forward too every year. It’s the last time we’ll be adults “only” as we’ll be welcoming our little ones into the tradition next year – its one rite-of-passage I’m truly looking forward too. I hope our babies are as good of friends as we are.

Sunday starts the true countdown to Vegas! We leave next Wednesday for a 5 day trip for our friends’ Paul and Barbara’s wedding Saturday the 10th. Tony & I have always wanted to venture out to Vegas, now we get to go with friends and celebrate with them while they “tie-the-knot” Vegas style! I think we’re going to have a wonderful time…I just hope some of this tiredness eases up before we go.

Yep – I’ve still got the sleepiness. In fact – I will be climbing into my nice comfy bed the minute after I post this message! (and it’s only 8:30!) Most of the other symptoms I’ve had have thankfully passed. I am feeling pretty good. A little uncomfortable in my clothes and in my body, but I suppose that was to be expected. I’m really looking forward to the time when I can start to feel the baby moving around inside…I think it’ll be a little shocking, but completely amazing.

Alright I’m getting really sleepy now… so here are the ultrasound pictures the ubber-cranky doctor gave me last Friday. They are a bit fuzzy, but you can still make out Baby G’s head and little body. So cute!

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