Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Hormonal Rage....oops! (10/9)

It’s been Forever since I’ve written… sorry, my bad. It seems lately that when I’m not working, I’m sleeping…and when I’m not sleeping, I’m thinking about taking a nap. Vicious cycle that I’m told should ease up some time in my fourth month.

Last weekend was very exciting. Saturday night we went to my good friend Doug’s wedding – where I got to see many of this wonderful friends (whom I haven’t seen in years) & I got to see him and his new beautiful bride Ashley on their first day as husband and wife. We had an absolute blast. I remember dancing with Tony during one of the slow songs (Journey’s “Open Arms”) and thinking about my life. I was momentarily overcome with such joy that I almost started to cry. I’m pregnant. I’ve now been pregnant for almost 10 weeks – which isn’t that long, but already I feel like my entire life has changed for the better. I keep feeling like I must be the luckiest woman in the world. I have to admit that I was starting to give up hope (just a little bit) – and now – I get to have a baby!! I’m so happy and so in love with my belly.

On Sunday we went to our friends Steve and Danelle’s daughter Lauren’s 2nd birthday party. I can’t believe she is two!! I swear time just flies by. We spread the news around about the baby. (To be honest my belly is already showing a bump…so it was either let them think I’m getting fat…or tell our amazing news) A few of our friend’s husbands have predicted that I will be having a girl. I’m not entirely sure what they are basing this prediction on…but both Steve and Castle seem to think it’ll be a She. I cannot wait for Christmas to get here so we can find out if they are right! I honestly don’t care what the sex of our baby is – I’m just hoping he or she will be healthy.

I had a bit of hormonal rage today. Almost from the start of my pregnancy, I have been craving Cheeseburgers - which for me is a little strange. I’m the kind of girl who would rather have a hot dog than a burger any day… but low and behold suddenly I NEED to have Cheeseburgers, as many & as much as possible. (I even tried to get Tony to stop on the way home from Doug’s wedding just to get me a juicy cheeseburger). So today on my way home from work I stopped at McD’s. I ordered two Plain Double Cheeseburgers from the $ menu. Instead I received two cheese-less double burgers with everything on it. GROSS!! I’m sorry – but I don’t know how people can eat a burger with everything on it – it makes me gag. I was so mad at the McD’s people that I went in there and gave them a piece of my mind. I asked how hard it is to read – then followed it up with calling the burger maker person a moron. Anyone reading this knows that this isn’t exactly in my nature. I’m not the kind of person who makes waves… but today when my burgers were wrong…all hell broke loose. I’ve had little spurts of hormonal rage but this was the first time that I actually had to talk myself out of throwing something and cursing. Looking back now I just have to shake my head at myself and laugh. At least in the end I got the correct cheeseburgers! HaHaHaHa.

I go for my next doc appointment on Friday and I am super excited. I’m pretty sure I get to have another ultrasound! Woohoo!! Can’t wait to see my baby!

Also - this weekend is my Steltz Family Reunion. I was excited but also slightly bummed. I didn't think Carrie would be able to make it - but she's driving up with her friend Lauren & I am soooo excited! I hate being away from my little sis. She's the best. We're not going to tell the family that she's coming so it'll be a nice little surprise for them. Now Tony & I just have to decide whether we tell our little secret or wait until Halloween (which has been our plan all along). I guess we'll see!

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