Sunday, December 16, 2007

Drumroll Please...

And The Gender of Our Little One Is...

It's A Boy!!!!!!

Here are some pictures from Friday's wonderful ultrasound. The baby kept moving - punching and kicking up a storm but it was easy for the nurse to tell us we're having a son. :) We're soooo happy and can't wait to decorate his room and start thinking of names.
His side profile. Head (you can make out the ear) & his body.
"The Money Shot" You can see his little butt, his legs, and the arrow pointing to his "wee."
His little head and arm. He's getting ready to suck his thumb.

He's Crossing His Little Legs.

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Bethalow said...

Congrats Bobbi! So exciting! (Have you gotten my e-mails? I kept getting them returned to me, but I think one might have made it...)??