Sunday, December 30, 2007

Like A Bowl Full Of Jelly...

Yep - I resemble Santa Claus. I’ve always had a big laugh as it is, so now when I laugh my entire belly shakes and shakes. It’s pretty funny to see.

Christmas was really nice for us this year. Not only did we get some great gifts – but the baby got some nice gifts too! We got a cute book with finger puppets from my cousin Jason & his wife Suzin, we got the sweetest little onesie from one of the kids in my class that reads “Made With Love” in green, we got a wonderful gift card for Babies R Us from another little one in my class, and last night Tony’s Mom’s friends Alicia and David gave us two little onesies with puppies on them, along with wash clothes & an “alligator” swaddling towel. My parents also got the baby a gift. A little hess truck, which Tony was really excited to play with.

My folks got me these cute overalls which I had been salivating for since I found out I was preggers. They are super cute and really comfy. It’s been hard to find clothes I feel comfortable in. With things on my body shifting this way and that I sometimes get disgusted looking in the mirror. I remind myself that its all for the baby, but its still hard to feel confident when nothing fits right and I’m always uncomfortable. I can’t believe I am only 5 months into this pregnancy…I think my belly is going to need its own zip code by the time I’m ready to pop! Hahaha.

The baby just moved in my belly. It’s so strange to feel the little bubbles and know that it’s the baby saying “hello” – though in this case I think it’s a reminder that I need to get my butt down to the kitchen and feed us soon. Tony was able to feel my belly move for the first time yesterday morning. It is so much more fun now that he can experience more with the baby’s growth. We’re going to start painting the baby’s room next week & we started working on a list of names (nope I’m not telling!) Even Maverick is getting involved. He lays on my lap and puts his head on my belly. I swear he knows there's a little guy in there! I can’t wait to meet our little man and bring him home to his room & put him in all the cute little clothes! It gets more and more exciting every day!
Christmas Day ~ The Gonzalez Family - We wore our pjs ALL day - it was great!

My New Overalls! Aren't they cute!!

Christmas Eve ~ My sweet cousin Alina and her daughter Tia.

Tony and Me on Christmas Morning.

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