Thursday, January 17, 2008

Snowball Fight Anyone?

I’m officially six months pregnant!! I can’t believe how fast the time has flown by. I feel as big as a house, and I can’t imagine my belly getting any bigger but I know it will before my little boy is ready to come out. He’s really active. I can feel him the most in the evening and especially when I lay down to sleep, but he’ll sometimes move and kick when one my toddlers is sitting on my lap. My friend Miss Jenn who is the head teacher in the class next to mine felt him move this morning. I just love when others can feel him moving too, it’s so nice to share in this awesome feeling.

It’s become much harder to move around. I have some trouble getting up off the ground, yet that is where I am most comfortable. Sitting on chairs/couches or standing for too long makes me ache, but since I waddle sometimes its best if I just find somewhere semi comfortable to sit and rest. Sleeping has begun to be a big issue too. My belly feels like a bowling ball so when I lay down to sleep everything rolls, it’s a very strange feeling. It’s funny how for the most part you don’t mind all the strange things your body does and how your body feels so foreign to you – and the kicks and organ crushing is all just par for the course. I think I’d go through hell as long as my little guy is safe and sound.

It's Snowing! The first of the year. I wish I could go out and play. Unfortunately, I have a sinus infection, so I'll stay inside and keep warm. I did take Mav out for a couple of minutes. He absolutely loves the snow. After 10 minutes of laughing as he rolled around in it and shoved his face down into it, I ushered him back inside - don't want his little toes to get frosty. I’m waiting for Tony to get home from work. I’d love to cook something nice and comforting for him after his long trek home in this weather, but I think all I have the energy for is chicken fingers.

I took a few pictures while Mav and I were outside. I just think a snowy landscape is majestic and magical. I just hope everyone who has to drive in it is careful and arrives safely home.
I took this by a tree in our front yard. I thought it wasn't such a bad shot.

Maverick watching the snow through our front windows. He's too funny, all he wants to do it go out there and play.

Maverick was too busy playing to actually take a moment to pose for me. This is the best I got of him (brat!)

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