Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Another Month Flys By...

Wow what a weekend!

Friday night Tony and I registered at Babies R Us. It took us 2 ½ hours to go through the whole store, check out all the cute baby things, and decide on what we wanted to add to the registry. The store gives you a list to “check off” as you scan in items, but a lot of the things listed we weren’t sure we really needed or what they were even for! We didn’t really register for too many small items like rattles, pacifiers, toys, or other little things like that mostly because we have no idea what our little guy will like or what we need. We did manage to get some things on the registry though, and we had a great time looking at the newborn items – such little things for a little guy – so cute!!

Carrie also came home Friday night. I got up early Saturday to meet up with her and Kelli (one of Carrie’s bridesmaids who we’ve know since childhood). We had a great time together. We stopped at Traubs (local bakery) where we hoped to get a nice sampling of their wedding cake and desserts, but the woman who spoke with us was very rude and the prices were outrageous! She wanted to charge $500 for a wedding cake but wouldn’t allow Carrie to have anything on the cake that she was looking for. She actually told her “um…No” several times to Carrie’s ideas! How rude! We also stopped to look at our bridesmaid dresses at David’s bridal and we stopped at Double Decker’s Pizza (in Ridley) for their famous (and oh so delicious) Inside Outs. We did nothing but laugh and enjoy one another’s company – it was truly a great day! Sunday I met back up with Carrie (and Mom) for a cake tasting. It was AMAZING. I can’t recall the name of the bakery off hand, but it was truly scrumptious!!!! Best cake I’ve ever tasted (especially the spice cake and the marble cake with the Oreo filling). I’m salivating just thinking about it. It was so nice to spend so much time with Carrie this weekend. I’ve really missed her.

I also got a chance to hang out with one of my best friends Lauren on Sunday. We went to David’s bridal so I could purchase my dress for her Wedding in August. I’m so excited!!! It’s really nice to have both Carrie and Lauren’s Weddings to look forward to this summer. I love them both and I can’t wait to be there when they become Brides!!!

Another bit of news for Sunday was the birth of my very good friend Dana’s son Christopher Michael. Dana and her hubby Michael’s little guy wasn’t due for another week, but he was determined to get out and explore the world a little bit early! I went to see them yesterday for a few hours at Virtua West Jersey (Voorhees, NJ) where I also plan to deliver my little guy. I have to say, Dana looked great for having just given birth less than 24 hours before & the baby is absolutely adorable. I instantly fell in love with him (really, how could you not – he’s just so little with this precious little face). I’ll put a picture on here so everyone else can see how cute he is too.

It made me really really anxious for my little one to get here. I really can’t wait to meet my little man. Don’t get me wrong, I want him to take his time and finish “baking,” but I just can’t wait to hold him in my arms. Just a couple more months and the wait will be over!!!

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