Sunday, January 13, 2008

So much ice cream so little time…

Mmmmm. Oh the joy of opening a brand new container of glorious ice cream…then eating the entire container for dinner. YUM! I know, I know…slow down girl! I just can’t help it. I had a rough week this week, so I decided to give in and indulge my need for creamy chilly ice cream. We went to ACME this morning and wonderous surprise of all surprises, the ice cream was on sale – buy one get one FREE!!! Our freezer is now stacked with the following flavors: Vanilla Bean, Turkey Hill Touchdown Sundae (vanilla with peanut butter and fudge swirls & mini chocolate-peanut butter footballs), Mint Cookies & Cream, and Mint Chocolate Chip. Not to mention the frozen raspberry sorbets, gallon of sherbet, and ice cream sandwiches that I’ve also stashed in there. Yes, I’ve found my new craving. Really, this works out for Tony too. Instead of making him run out to get whatever ice cream I’m craving at the time, I’ve got plenty of choices to get me by (that is until I eat it all – I give it about two weeks…maybe.) Thank goodness I’m walking on my treadmill. It doesn’t help me to feel guiltless about indulging in my ice cream cravings, but at least it’ll help if even just a little bit. And the baby is enjoying it too. He has been kicking and kicking away.

Two couples we are good friends with have already given birth to their new babies (both were due early Jan 2008). Kelly & Jim had Abigail at the end of December, and Crystal & Brian had Anthony at the beginning of January. Another one of my good friends is due within the next two weeks. Reality is starting to set in. Like all new parents, we worry about everything. Am I making the right decisions for my baby (yes even in-vitro), will we be good parents to him when he’s born, etc etc. There are thousands of thoughts running through our heads. Concerns, questions, worries, and the underlying thrilling fact that we are lucky enough to be at this stage of our lives.

We have started going to church regularly. I think the stress we’ve been feeling was one of the motivations behind us starting back again, but the goodness we feel during and after each service has been a great help in keeping up the commitment. Everyone at church is so wonderful, congratulating us and welcoming us warmly…not to mention the excitement about the baby. No demands, no unwanted opinions, just friendship and support - I don't think you could ask for more in a church congregation. After the Pastor retired (the one who wed us), I was not sure I’d feel as comfortable but we’ve really felt embraced by one of the Pastors who preaches mostly at the 9:15A contemporary service & its been so nice to feel another strong connection to the church.

I am pretty sure we’re starting on the baby’s room next weekend. Tony, his brother Mikey, and our friend Mike B finished up the tile floor in our laundry room, and now that the room is finished it is looking fantastic!! Honestly, the room turned out better than I think we anticipated and we are really happy. I’m so proud of Tony, he did such a good job!!

I’m almost 6 months pregnant!! I can’t believe it…four more months of growing and stretching & my body going through all the startling activity and finally our baby will be here! I just want to rush through these next few months so that I can meet him and know that he's okay.

Here's Our New Laundry Room: new walls, new doors, new paint, new tile floors. Isn't it pretty!

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