Friday, May 9, 2008


Wow, what a week! It went by so quickly. I’m sitting here listening for Tommy to wake up for his next feeding and watching the rain pour down outside. Looking out at our backyard it certainly looks like May. All of our trees and plants and even the grass have a sort of emerald glow. It’s a beautiful contrast to the dark wet wood of the fence. Sleep deprived and hormonal as I certainly am, I still feel content with my life. Tommy’s napping in his crib, Maverick is lying at my feet, and I know Tony will be home in a few hours. I feel at peace, I feel happy, and I feel blessed.

Tommy has grown so much over the past few weeks. I look at pictures from our week in the hospital and I can’t believe how much he’s changed. His little cheeks are filling out, and he’s got a little round belly. He’s starting to really grip our hands, lift his head, and he’s always opening his eyes and looking around at his new world.

The hardache we experienced for almost three years trying to get pregnant (all the testing, surgical procedures, monitoring, and failed in-vitro fertilization) feels like a distant memory of someone else’s life. I truly feel that going through what we did made us stronger as a couple, and now we’ve been blessed with our son – now we’re a family – and that is the most remarkable and humbling feeling in the world.

I took a couple pictures this morning (and a cute one of Tommy and Tony last night). The pictures from this morning are a little dark but you can see his big smile. Tommy’s always so happy after he eats! (I think he looks like my Dad in the pictures where he's smiling.) He is up to 3 oz sometimes 4 oz per feeding now! He’s an eating machine!

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