Thursday, June 11, 2009

Babies and Book Club

I wanted to say a big congratulations to Julie and Mike on the birth of their twin girls, and another congratulations to my cousin Christa and her hubby Alex on the birth of their new daughter. Lots of love from our family to yours, welcome little ones!Tonight is the first annual book club @ my friend Tana's. We read Diane Chamberlain's Before The Storm, and are getting together tonight to dish about the book. I'm really looking forward to it. Everyone is bringing something to drink or a little nibble. I, of course, wanted to bring a dessert - cause its what I do. haha. I wanted to make a chocolate torte...but in the end changed the recipe and frosting choices around about a million times, and made this scrumptious strawberry dark chocolate layer cake.

The cake part is actually a dark chocolate brownie recipe, I added an extra 1/2 an egg to give it a little more of a cake consistency. The filling is mashed strawberries (with a little extra surprise inside), and the frosting is homemade chocolate whipped topping, which I garnished with twilight dark chocolate shavings... that I just HAD to sample while making...and fell instantly in love with it. Here's the cake pictures... doesn't it look delish??

Quick pic before I start layering...Layer #1 complete...and oh so appetizing...Layer #2...I think the dark chocolate really adds a little pizazz....Close up of the layers...I'm salivating!YUM!!! Can't wait to dig in!

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Orange it Lovely said...

It really was delicious!!!!