Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Time flies when you're having fun!

We were hardly home this past weekend. Between visits and baby showers, and a quick trip down the shore - the weekend positively flew by.
In "School" (my daycare) on Friday, Tommy tried a brand new food - chicken nuggets. As I'm sure you can guess, he loved 'em. I gave him a peach on the side, and he was a happy happy boy. Truth be told, I haven't found a whole lot of foods that he doesn't like.
In fact, that night we ordered pizza in... and he made sure to let Tony and I know that he wanted some!
On Saturday morning my mom stopped over to hang with Tommy for a little while. He doesn't get much time to spend with others without Tony or I around, so it was nice that he enjoyed spending some time alone with Gramma. I took these pictures after we got home, they were taking a nice walk together in our backyard. It warmed my heart to see him walking through the grass holding onto his grammas hand.
On Sunday we drove down the shore to catch a car show, I especially liked this truck...Tommy looks so tiny next to it. Hilarious.
Since we were already down the shore, we decided to stop over at Long Beach Island for lunch, and to take Tommy on the beach. He was ok with the sand and the beach... until we got closer to the waves. I think he was a little scared because the waves crashing were so loud.

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