Monday, June 15, 2009

Six Lovely Courses

I talked about the six course meal we enjoyed on our anniversary, but didn't get a chance to post pictures earlier... so here they are. I truly had a wonderful relaxing evening with my husband. And the food was truly delicious.
Course #1 - Sauteed mushrooms with arugula served over a crusty tuscan bread with cream cheese.
Course #2 - Potato leek soup with bacon and carrotsCourse #3 - Pesto pasta with roasted tomato and asiago cheese
Course #4 - Raspberry sorbet with blueberry champagne drizzle
AND a quick wine tasting
Course #5 - The entree's. Mine: Filet mignon with spinach and truffle macaroni and cheese
Tony's: Shrimp and sea scallops with roasted fresh vegetables
Course #6 - Salad with sliced red grapefruit and cracker with blue cheese
Dessert - cause I just HAD too! Vanilla and chocolate tiramisu with a cappuccino

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