Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Tommy dancing, talking, and signing!

Tommy had his first slice of pizza this past weekend. It was sausage, he knew exactly what to do with it as soon as I put it on his tray...and he Loved it!

On Friday I put some Led Zeppelin on for Tommy. He loves Led Zeppelin, especially "Immigrant Song." He dances and sings, it's hilarious. This video made me think of my sister though...I think she'll know why. Hey Carrie...what movie does his dance make you think of? Hahahaha.

My sister and her husband Brett came up for a visit this past weekend, so we stopped over my folks house to visit with them, their dogs, and my Mom. It was a nice little lunch, I enjoyed spending time with them all. Tommy is having major separation anxiety though, and he wasn't as friendly as usual. I hope he outgrows this stage soon. When we got home we spent some time outback. He loves to just sit and relax in his swing, so I took a couple more videos of him responding, talking, and signing. He's been doing really well with learning his signs. He can communicate to me (sign language)"more", "yes", "no", "eat", and "all done." We're working on "thank you." He is also getting better at saying words, especially colors. His newest words are "purple", "orange", and "jump." Other words he's known are beginning to sound clearly like the actual words. It's really amazing being able to ask my child a question and have him actually respond to it. He knows what he wants, and is just as eager to learn as I am to teach him. I'm loving this.

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Orange it Lovely said...

oh no he's gonna be a head banger! lol
I love love that he does sign language!