Friday, September 14, 2007

Heartbeat! (9/14)

Wow, what a day… and its only 11 AM!!

This morning Tony and I went for our second ultrasound. Baby is a little smaller than the doc would like, but still looking good. (To that Tony says, “Well, we’re both small people!”). One very amazing thing happened while we were looking at the ultrasound. We saw this little bit of fluttering on the screen. The baby’s heart has started to beat!!

I can’t even express the amount of joy I feel at seeing my baby’s heart beat. I hardly remember anything else the Doc said – all I could see was that little flutter on the screen. I am completely dazzled by it.

I came out of the exam room and showed the picture to one of my favorite nurses’ Kat. She said I was glowing & I felt like I was too.

We go back next Friday for the next ultrasound and I absolutely can not wait.

The only strange thing that happened at the office is that the Doc said our Due Date was different from what we had been thinking it was. He predicted a due date of April 11th. That’s a month earlier than we thought! We realize that he’s the Doc, so he should know, but I’m not so sure. If you do the math (my estimated conception date was August 12th), the date comes out to be May 6th. So until we get a reaffirmation of the due date – I’m sticking with May (though I’d be happy to have my baby sooner!).

Baby stuff aside, I had some other good news this morning! I had an interview earlier this week for a preschool in Voorhees. They were looking for an Assistant Teacher in the Toddler Room. So, I went in and applied. At the interview, the Director mentioned that there was also a possible opening for the Head Teacher position in that room. Since she wasn’t sure at the time, I gave it a fleeting wish, but let it go. As long as I could be a teacher in some way – I would be happy! Well, she called me this morning and offered me the Head Teacher position!!! I am ecstatic! Finally I get to be a teacher!!! I cannot wait to get started on Monday with creating lesson plans and meeting the kids!

This has been a truly fantastic morning!

Here’s the second ultrasound picture. It’s a little fuzzy, but you get to see our little one again!

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