Friday, September 21, 2007

Whoosh Whoosh, Whoosh Whoosh (9/21)

We heard the heartbeat this morning!!! Of course being the hormonal emotional freak that I am I cried my eyes out, but it was amazing. There is something so overwhelming about the thought that I am able to have this wondrous little baby growing inside of me. I guess with everything we have been through with the trying and hiccups along the way I just feel amazed that its finally happening for us.

Today’s ultrasound was the last we will have at South Jersey Fertility Center. It was a bittersweet moment as we headed out the door after our appointment. On one hand, I am glad I no longer need to be seen for infertility. On the other – I have come to really trust and care for some of the doctors and nurses I’ve met. I got a little choked up saying goodbye to Kat. She was a great nurse - sweet and caring, and I could feel the genuine happiness radiating out of her for us as we hugged goodbye. She’s really one of those people who make you feel special and cared for. I’m going to miss her.

My due date has changed (again! lol). Our baby is now due to be born on May 8th! That means I was officially 7 weeks preggo yesterday (Thursday). This is so exciting!!!! Hopefully that also means we will find out the sex of the baby right around Christmas. Since we’re still only 7 weeks we’re going to wait until the beginning of November to announce our news to the world. It’s been so hard to wait! We’re just so excited that we want to tell everyone we meet! Already we’ve told a few people, mostly because we just can’t help ourselves. I’m just so happy!! Below is our next ultrasound pictures. The first is just of the baby with the current measurement. Right now its 10.92 mm long, which means it’s a little less than half an inch. I’ve been told its about the size of a blueberry. (So Cute!!) The second picture is of the heartbeat. The baby’s heart is beating at 135.15 bpm! Enjoy the new pics!! (I'm soooo happy!!!)

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