Monday, August 25, 2008

First Cereal Feeding

Yet another exciting summer weekend for us! For me it started on Thursday when my friend Tana and I went to see Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2. It was cute & I really enjoyed it… though I wish I had thought to pack a tissue or two!

On Friday, we took Tommy to the doctors for his four-month check up. He now weighs in at a healthy 15 ½ lbs. Which the doctor told us is between the 50 and 75%. She assured us that this is a good weight for him – and that he is not overweight by any means. I had been concerned about this because people have been comparing his weight to their own children’s weight, etc. The comments have been messing with my head. I greatly appreciated the assurance from Tommy’s doctor. Tommy is also 24 inches long, which is again in the 50%. I think that’s the last time I’m going to mention percentiles. Honestly, I’m just not into comparing my child with others. I could honestly care less if he weighs a little bit more, or is just a tad shorter than another child – I just care if he’s healthy and happy, which I know that he is. (Except for his grouchiness this weekend from getting another 5 vaccinations [4 through needles] at his check up! Poor baby!)

On Friday we also started Tommy on Rice Cereal. He wasn’t thrilled about how thin the liquid cereal was during that first feeding, but he enjoyed sitting in his high chair and trying something different. I know it’ll take some time for him to get the swallowing motion down, but since I’ve thickened it up he’s already enjoying eating his cereal more. I’m getting a kick out of feeding him too. It’s funny when he laughs while eating, makes little “mmm” sounds, and gets the cereal all over his face. I’m not too concerned over him making a big mess, I’m more hopeful that he’ll be excited about eating now and in the future. Saturday we went to the grocery store, and in the evening had our good friends Mike & Julie over for a wonderful Surf & Turf dinner, which included grilled shrimp wrapped in bacon, mahi mahi & tuna fillets, and a marinated London broil. We had my favorite grilled veggie Zucchini on the side, and some cheesecake & chocolate cake for dessert. Great company, great food – doesn’t get much better than that on a Saturday night!

We spent most of Sunday watching the Scooby doo marathon on cartoon network & doing some things around the house. In the evening we celebrated with the Scalf newlyweds at a bbq in their honor. It was great to see Mark and his new bride Jessica before they drove back home to Wisconsin. It looks like they’ve found a perfect match in each other and we wish them a lifetime of happiness together.

Tommy’s getting much better at trying to hold his bottle. In addition to starting his cereal this weekend, he also started drinking juice. We’ve started giving him watered down white grape juice and he loves it. I give him his juice in a smaller bottle and he practiced holding it each time. It’s crazy… I feel like every moment of the day my child now has either a spoon or a bottle in his mouth, hahaha. Along with the new feedings and drinking his juice like a big boy, he also spent most of the weekend rolling over non stop. He prefers to sleep on his side now, so I’ve watched him roll from side to side all over his crib. He generally doesn’t wake up during the night except when his foot is stuck through the bars… he’s not to fond of that. He’s getting so much more active now, and growing up so quickly. I can’t quite get over it! Here are a few more pictures of his first feedings this weekend (I love the ducky-face in the last one - such a character!).

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