Monday, August 4, 2008

What Baseball Game?

This blog entry is dedicated to Kimmie – she knows why!

The last few days have been fantastic. We had a pizza and stromboli night with our good friends Lori & Dano on Thursday, and my MIL graciously offered to babysit Tommy on Friday night. Tony and I went to The Cheesecake Factory. It was our first time there – and it was fantastic!! The wasabi crusted tuna and petite filet minon were excellent. We shared our delicious cheesecake desserts & coffee with Josefa (& Tommy!) to complete our night out. It was great to be spontaneous & we loved having the opportunity to go out on a date! Saturday night I joined up with my best friends to celebrate Lauren’s Bachelorette Party. She opted for something different than the typical night out at the bar, so we went to The Riversharks Baseball Game & had a blast! I don’t think we even watched a second of the game. I can’t even begin to express just how much fun I had, and how much I needed that time with my girlfriends.

But…I can make a top ten list of favorite things! So… Here it is. My top ten list for Lauren’s Bachelorette Party:

10. What Baseball Game? PS. Ladies- The Rivershark’s Lost.
9. “When Are You Thinking About Having A Baby?” “March!”
8. Singing At The Top Of Our Lungs On The Drive Home.
7. Lauren After Four Beers.
6. Fireworks right above our heads.
5. Those Nutty Republicans.
4. Girl Talk: The Rabbit or The Pearl?
3. Chocolate Chip Cookie Covert Operation.
2. Paparazzi.
1. Getting together with my friends anytime…especially when celebrating ones’ future happiness. We love you Laur and can’t wait for your big day on Friday!!

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Kimberley said...

I just read the entry about the game;) Thanks for the dedication and the laugh. I was laughing so loud my co-worker asked if I was okay!!!