Friday, August 15, 2008

Where did the week go??

I'm having major issues with my email account. I think its because when I send a message the name reads "Bob Big" instead of "Bobbi G" and it sends me right to spam. So if you have sent me an email and never received a reply back... please don't think I ignored you... I really did email you back - my emails just won't go through. I'm hoping to change my email address some time next week.

Does anyone else realize it's August? Seriously... its August! When did that happen??? This morning I was thinking about how fast this week has gone by, then I realized the date and was flabbergasted that the summer has almost ended. Ugh… that means it’ll be cold again before long. I really don’t like cold weather.

Anyway… one of the reasons I think this week has flown by is because I’ve spent the last half of the week in preparation for Tommy’s Christening this Sunday. Originally, we wanted to have a big celebration, inviting all of our family and friends over to party-it-up after the Christening takes place…but with our funds a little tighter while I remain home with our little one, it just was not to be. So we’re having a small bbq luncheon with just a few close friends after we attend the ceremony. I’ve been cleaning, and party-prepping mostly while Tommy naps. (My house smells so nice and clean!!) It means so much to me that Tommy is joining the Lutheran faith. I want for him, what my mother encouraged us to do & be with our church and our community – and this is the first step. I feel so honored that Steve and Lori are to become Tommy’s Godparents. They (and their families) have been such an essential part of our lives, and we are glad they will be an important part of Tommy’s life too. As my mom has reminded me, this is a once in a lifetime event and I’m excited to throw Tommy his first party.

Here are a couple pictures from this week. I propped Tommy up on the couch & watched him play with two of his favorite stuffed animals. It was so adorable. Like a typical baby...everything goes right to the mouth. I wish I knew what goes through his mind.

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