Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Attack of the Snore-a-saurus!!

What a beautiful day! It’s day two of my “bed rest” and I am not quite as bored today as I was yesterday. Yesterday was rough. The only time I really want to just lay around all day and do absolutely nothing is when I’m not feeling well. Since I’m feeling pretty good (except for those pesky contractions), I sat around yesterday and thought of all the things I could be doing instead of sitting. So far today I worked on some things for school, and spent about an hour outside with Maverick just enjoying this nice weather (its sunny and 53 degrees). I think I really needed to get out of the house for a tiny bit. Don’t worry, I have been sitting the entire time and “resting.” It was just so nice to sit outside, with a light blanket wrapped around me, & read a book. Though I am still very casper-like, I think I might have managed to get a little bit of color in my cheeks. I just looked up the weather and it looks like it’s suppose to rain for the foreseeable future, so I’m glad I took advantage of the sunny day.

This past Sunday was Easter. I hope everyone had a wonderful day and spent it well. Tony and I had a great day. We went to church where Pastor gave an adorable children’s sermon. Also, the adult choir sang the Halleluiah Chorus, which is one of my favorites, so of course I had to hum along with them. In the afternoon, my parents and my in-laws all got together at my B-I-L Mikey’s house to enjoy a nice dinner together. We had a wonderful time! I made some very tasty homemade mashed potatoes, and I used my Aunt Ruth’s recipe to make a delicious Hot Milk Sponge cake. It’s amazing how the simple taste of something can bring on a flood of really nice memories. Upon my first bite of the Hot Milk Sponge cake, I remembered all the summers as a child when we would go to our Steltz family reunions at my Uncle Joe and Aunt Anne’s house. It was nice to think about my family and remember just how important family is & how enjoyable it is to spend time with them.

Right now I’m enjoying a light lunch of my own Ambrosia salad recipe. Basically, I just cut up a pear and an apple and mixed it with some marshmallow fluff and cream cheese. It’s delicious!! I highly recommend it. I was just thinking about Tony. He has started a new nickname for the Preggo me. He calls me Snore-a-saurus! HaHaHaHa. For about an hour (sometimes more) when I first lay down to sleep at night he hears me snoring away upstairs. Even with the door to our bedroom closed he can hear me snoring away! I think it’s hilarious. Another perk of being pregnant is that your nasal cavity changes and you tend to end up snoring when asleep. It’s funny to wake up in the morning and Tony will put on this fake Australian voice and joke about searching for the mysterious Snore-a-saurus! It really cracks me up.

Yep, I’m still getting the contractions. They are pretty sporatic, and usually don’t last longer than 60 seconds each time I get one, but they are no fun! My good friend Dana keeps joking with me telling me, just wait until the real thing gets here! I’m just asking my little guy to wait a few more weeks, then bring it on – I can’t wait to meet him!

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