Sunday, March 16, 2008

I'm 28 Years Old & About To Become A Mommy!!

Who knew so much could happen in one weekend! It started out with me finding out I had come down with strep throat during the week. I was instructed by the doctor to take antibiotics and “rest.” So on Friday I had off from work and spent most of the day just laying around. I was bored out of my mind! Originally, in the beginning of the week I had wanted to take off Friday to enjoy a three day birthday weekend, which included meeting my cousin Becca for lunch and seeing a movie Friday night. Instead, I cancelled my plans for Friday opting to stay at home with Maverick and Tony (who in turn woke up Friday morning showing symptoms of strep throat too – whoops!).

My biggest surprise of the weekend happened on Friday night. Around 8:15 PM when I was just getting ready to head up to bed, I started getting Braxton Hicks contractions (which are “false contractions” that can happen for a few months in preparation for the real thing). They lasted until just after nine, came every 3 to 4 minutes, and each one lasted about 40 to 60 seconds. Having never felt anything like that before, I was completely unprepared for what contractions would feel like…WOW! They are quite painful and took my breath away! Thankfully, I had advice from two of my friends who’ve had them & so Tony didn’t feel the need to take me to the hospital in a panic. I got through them and am now at least a bit aware of what it’s going to feel like as time gets closer and the real contractions begin! Oh boy! Though this experience still feels surreal, reality is really starting to kick in!

I started feeling a bit better on Saturday, Mom and Dad stopped by for breakfast, and we invited some close friends of ours over for a nice little dinner party on Saturday night. Michelle, Rich, Lauren, and Bryan came over and we enjoyed a feast which included my favorite, ice cream cake!! Gotta love those cookie crunch things. We had some great laughs and fantastic conversations. There are so many favorite "moments" from the evening but I think the top two were Party Foul #1: The water pitcher, and Party Foul #2: accidentally christening the preggo girl's belly with white wine. I even stayed up “late” last night – 10:30! I truly can’t remember ever enjoying a birthday more.

This morning we are being bad and skipping church. I am very tired and the baby is resting underneath my right ribs where he seems to be enjoying himself by kicking and stretching out there lately. I don’t really mind though, his movements are reassuring me that he’s growing and getting ready to greet the world!

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