Monday, April 7, 2008

Gonzalez Family Baby Shower

I had a great time at the baby shower yesterday, which my Mother-in-Law Josefa and my Sister-in-Law Diana threw for me and Tony. Wow, so many nice gifts - I'd say we're pretty much set for the arrival of our little guy! Among other things, we received our high chair, bouncy seat, walker, crib sheets, diapers, lots of bottles, and some really cute outfits – including swim trunks and the cutest little shoes!! One of my favorite things is a bib which our friend Julie made for the baby with a picture of Maverick on it. Below it says “I love my big brother.” It is sooo adorable!! Thank you so much to everyone who brought over the yummy food and baked goods! I especially loved the empanadas and the fruit salad. We are overwhelmed with everyone’s generous gift giving & we thank you all with our whole hearts for helping to get us set for little Baby G.

Tony and Maverick gave me a great gift yesterday. Ever since the beginning of the pregnancy, I had been eyeing up a comfy “rocking” chair for the nursery. They can be expensive, so Tony and I figured we really did not need it… well…to my surprise, the very first gift I opened was my chair! It’s wonderful! It’s going to be great for feeding the baby or just sitting in it and reading to him. It was such a wonderful and sweet gift. Thank you Hubby, I love you!!

I can’t wait to hang up all of the baby’s little clothes and finish getting things set up for him. Today, I am going to clean all of the clothes, blankets, and crib sheets, as well as run all of the bottles through the dishwasher. I just know that after we get everything all set up, Tony and I are going to be really anxious awaiting our son’s arrival.

Unfortunately, we don’t have many pictures from the shower yesterday, but here are a couple that turned out. (Again…if anyone took pictures please email them over to me! Thank you so so much – you know I love my scrapbooking!)

Thank you to everyone (from all three showers, those who sent us gifts, and well...everyone!) for the wonderful presents for the baby and for all the support, advice, and love you have given us throughout this journey. We are so lucky to have such amazing people in our lives.

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schoolio said...

Is Tony so confused by the impending arrival of the baby that he doesn't realize he's holding the book upside down? ;o)