Sunday, April 13, 2008

Happy Sunday!

Yesterday was my sister Carrie’s Bridal Shower! I think she was pleasantly surprised by all of the great gifts she received to help furnish the home she shares with her fiancé Brett in Virginia Beach. The shower was a great success. The restaurant, Rosario’s was roomy, had excellent food, and fantastic service. The bridesmaids and I really enjoyed their homemade peppers mix for our bread…it was so good we ate three bowls! Carrie was beautiful, as always. It was so much fun showering her with gifts and showing her just how much she is loved.

Here are a couple pictures so our family in Wisconsin can see. Two more months and we’ll all be together at Carrie and Brett’s Wedding! I can’t wait.

Our Future Bride-To-Be
Carrie cutting her cakes "Showers of Happiness Carrie!"The Steltz FamilyThe Bridal PartyBecca and Me Carrie opening her flute glasses (from me) They say "Carrie's Husband", "Brett's Wife," and have their wedding date on them. Too cute. Carrie opening another gift.
Me and Carrie - I love you sister, thank you for making me your Matron of Honor!!

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