Thursday, September 25, 2008

Get On The Bus

I am SO EXCITED for Saturday night. It’s the Monkeybus Reunion @ Bootleggers in Woodlyn, PA!!! Thanks to my folks, we’ll be able to see Bus for a couple hours and enjoy a late night trip back down memory lane. (Not use to those late nights anymore, I’ll have to take an afternoon nap!) A few of the original members left a couple of years ago… so Tony and I (and our friends) have been patiently waiting to see if they’d get back together some day. Well we need wait, no longer! I can’t wait to see the guys up on stage again. The current line-up for Bus is playing during the first set, but the “Old School” gang will be around and will play sets two and three. It’s been so long since I’ve seen Bus not to mention seeing the inside of Bootleggers. Lots of fun memories from my heydays at that bar. (Michelle & Jane – remember when we saw Vanilla Ice!! Hahaha) Anyway, its going to be a great time…so if you’re a local and you haven’t got anything to do… come see Monkeybus. Here’s their website in case anyone’s interested in going:

I’ve been struggling with trying to figure out exactly how much cereal & 1st foods to feed Tommy during his AM and PM feedings. Those wonderful people at Similac must have been reading my mind because they sent me a package in the mail, which included a chart on feedings! Fabulous!!! It says that between the age of 4 to 6 months, Tommy should be getting two tablespoons of cereal, and two tablespoons of 1st foods twice a day. Thank You Similac!!!!! You are “brilliant!” Tommy absolutely loves to eat his 1st foods. So far, all he’s had were different kinds of fruits. While he enjoys applesauce and peaches, pears seem to be his favorite. That’s actually no great surprise to me since that’s one of the cravings I had – a lot – while I was preggers. He’s not really a big fan of the bananas though, not that I can blame him. I dipped my pinky in to try the bananas one day because so many people have said it is delicious. To me it tasted like liquified banana bread, and I did not enjoy it at all! Yuk. I think I’m going to start Tommy on the veggies next week, and we’ll see how that goes.
Tommy and I were watching the VH1 classics channel on Tuesday. Usually I’ll put it on for a little background music while I’m doing things around the kitchen and Tommy’s in his jumper. Well… there we were watching/listening to the Monterey Pop Festival from 1967 when I looked to see what was coming on next. And to my great surprise it was – STYX – In concert!!!! It was the 2006 concert with the Contemporary Youth Orchestra, and it was awesome. I just luv luv luv Styx, Tommy was enjoying the music too, which made it even better. It was a great coincidence that truly made my day. I taped it so now Tony, Tommy, and I can enjoy it over and over and over again! Oh how I luv my DVR.

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Terry Schooler said...

I get the emails from Monkeybus...they waited until I went to Iraq to have the reunion show! I would've rearranged my schedule to make it, but Uncle Sam isn't going to let me come home for this. Oh well - tell them I said hello.