Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Hurricane Hanna???

We shut ourselves in over the weekend because the weather people kept warning us of Hurricane Hanna and how destructive it was going to be. Thankfully, all it turned out to be was rain with a bit of wind. Tommy took a nap during part of the ‘Hurricane’ storm on Saturday, so Tony and I sat outside underneath the covered pergola as it rained. I enjoyed sitting outside with Tony and watching the storm, it felt romantic.
Anyway, I’ve been in a bad mood. I caught some 24 hour bug that I am now thankfully almost over. In addition, my lil boy has been having stomach problems. All he has been doing is crying, and all he wants is to be held. He’s been constipated and super gassy since the weekend, so I’ve been administering Mylicon and Infant Tylenol with regularity. He seems to be a little better today, so with any luck what he has is working its way out of his system (lots of yucky poo diapers to contend with – yikes!). Sometimes, I wish I could read his mind so I would know exactly what is wrong and how to make him feel better. Hopefully it will all be a distant memory by the weekend. (This is his sick face, poor little guy).
Tommy’s progressing well with eating his cereal. I think the texture of it was something he definitely had to get use too, but now he’s getting much better with it. I just got done feeding him his morning cereal, and for the first time he was opening his mouth so I could shovel it in! I was so excited I called Tony at work to tell him the good news! (I also took a couple pictures…not bad one handed!) I’ve been working on getting him to sit up. I’ll sit in front of him, and hold his arms while he is laying on his back. Then I’ll gently pull him up into a sitting position. He’d rather stand than sit, and has been doing a sort of inchworm thing to get out of sitting, but we’re working on it. I’m also trying to encourage more belly time. When I lay him on his belly, he will do a “swimming” motion, but so far has not felt the need to push himself up. Instead, he gets frustrated and spits up. I know we’ve got a ways to go before he is up and crawling around.

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