Monday, September 15, 2008

Not A Big Fan O' The Baseball

This is pretty much how my son looked all weekend. We don’t know if he has a food allergy, or he is teething, or he is still not feeling like himself…no matter what the case, he was not a happy little man this weekend. On Friday, my sister Carrie came up from Virginia Beach. She spent the night at our house so that she could spend a little time with her nephew. I felt bad that he was not well for her visit. As per usual, my silly sister did manage to get quite a few laughs out of Tommy in between his fits of crying and projectile spit up. On Saturday, we decided to try and take Tommy to his first Phillies game. We didn’t even last one inning. Tommy was terrified of the cheering crowd, and it was so hot & humid out that he was once again spitting up. Here is a picture of me covering his ears while we attempted to calm him down. After about a half hour of trying to sooth his fears, we decided taking him home was best. Sunday was the worst day yet. Not only did Tommy spend most of it crying but I counted 3 outfit changes, and 5 projectile spit ups before noon!! I can’t remember the last time I was so exhausted from a weekend. I managed to get a laugh out of him too… so here it is. Ain’t he cute. You can almost hear him gurgling with laughter. I did manage to get out of the house for a surprise baby shower for my cousin’s wife Suzin. They are adopting a little girl from China, and are set to go and get her in October. I am sooooooo excited to meet the newest member of the family – and I can’t believe Suz was actually surprised. I thought for sure she’d figure it out! She's going to kill me for puting this picture up. Lastly… here’s a “shout out” to one of my other cousins – also known as my blog stalker hahaha – Alina. Told you I would!!! (Here's Tommy sitting in his new chair...such a big boy!)

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