Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Our Stay-cation Vacation Super Fun Long Weekend

All I can do is laugh at myself. I had this great post all written out. It was in two parts, looked great, read exactly as I wanted too… but in the middle of saving it (I waiting until the end to save it of course) my lovely computer froze…thus preventing it from being saved, and it was coincidentally lost forever. (Word didn’t get a chance to do that temporary saving thing it does sometimes.) I don’t know if I could duplicate it – or even if I want too. I feel like I did my Freshman year of college when – true story – my ten page paper for my politics class was lost when my then boyfriend’s computer crashed. It was very early in the morning, just as I was getting ready to print it out. As I felt then, I do not have the time or energy to re-write it. Hahaha. Life is funny. (Just goes to show I should have saved it while I went along writing it… will I ever learn my lesson? Lol).

So… instead I’ll just post some pictures with blurbs to explain.

I will take a moment and let everyone know I changed my email address. If you did not receive an email from me, please check your spam/junk folder… its probably there. Just in case: it begins with the first initial of my first name, followed by my last name, followed by the three numbers that make up my birth date AT gmail.com. I don’t want to write it out on here because you never know if those spam blasters and forward senders are reading this.

Tony took off on Thursday and Friday, and since going away on vacation this weekend was not a part of our plan, we had us a Stay-cation – get it?? We spent most of the extended long weekend visiting with friends and family, doing projects around the house, watching movies, and relaxing with our Tommy. Of course we also took pictures… lots and lots of pictures (its what we do):

Time For Ourselves: Well it’s the end of an era. I finally did it – I cut my hair!! After many many many years of having long hair, I got it chopped off. I went in wanting to just cut it to my shoulders, but ended up with more of a “Posh Spice” look after the stylist was done with me. It’s so different that its taking me some time to get use too, but I love it. It was time for a change. Tony also did something for himself. He was finally able to go out golfing…which was the first and last time of this season. He also had a well-deserved Guys Night Out where they went to a local bar for some beer and crabs. (I was slightly jealous about the crabs! Yum!) Special Visitors: On Thursday we had a very special visit from a family that attended the preschool where I use to work. Leia and Luke along with their parents stopped by. It was great to see the kids again, and to spend some time getting to know their parents a little better. We hope to see them again soon. Birthdays and Family Time: We celebrated my Dad’s upcoming 60th birthday by going out to breakfast with my folks. I had the most delicious spinach, egg, and cheddar cheese omelet. We also celebrated our friend Meredith’s 30th birthday with a BBQ at her and Brent’s new house. It was great to see them, Nicole, Blair, and Mer’s friends. They’re a great group of people & we had a wonderful time. Josefa (Tony’s Mom) was also able to stop by for a visit over the weekend. Tommy showed her how he eats his cereal (like a big boy), and how much fun he has in his stationary bouncer.
House projects: We did some reorganizing in the kitchen, making room for some of the new foods, bowls, and bigger bottles Tommy will be using, while putting away things we used during his first couple of months. We also set up Tommy’s doorway jumper. So now, while I am typing up my blog entries…Tommy has something to do other than sit on my lap or nap in his portable swing. Lastly, we completed a project I had wanted to do since Tommy was born. We printed out some black and white photographs of Tommy, framed them, then hung them up on his bedroom wall. It turned out exactly as I had hoped, thanks to Tony’s handiwork. Funny and Entertaining Weekend Activities: While Tony and I watched, Tommy decided to inchworm his way out of his vibrating chair. He looked really uncomfortable, but oh so funny with his back arched. We snapped a picture before setting him right, but he was not pleased about being strapped into his chair correctly. We think he might have actually been comfortable sprawled halfway out of his chair! Tony and I saw several movies…a couple that were ok, a couple that we’d seen several times before, and one that was excellent! If you haven’t seen it yet – rent Vantage Point! It was fantastic! I might actually watch it again today when Tommy takes a nap. We ended our weekend last night by changing Tommy’s diaper and putting him into his pajamas together. Even Mav was upstairs with us. Just before Tommy and I sat down to read his bedtime story, Tony was playing with him and calling him Tarzan. Well Tommy let out the loudest belly laugh we’ve ever heard, several times! It was a cute way to end what was a fantastic Stay-cation long weekend.

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