Friday, September 5, 2008

Visit Daddy At Work Day

Tommy and I drove up to Princeton yesterday to meet Tony for lunch and to "Visit Daddy At Work." It was a long drive, thankfully I had some good tunes on to help pass the time. Tommy (as per usual) passed out the minute we were on the road. He's a good little rider. Tony's coworkers were happy to see our Tommy. It was cute to watch Tony carry Tommy around and introduce him to everyone - such a proud Papa. We had a quick lunch at On The Border (Mexican Food - one of my favorites!), then dropped Tony off and headed back home. It was nice to see where Tony spends his days, and to understand how far he drives everyday.
I was telling a friend of mine over the phone the other day, that I would like to start "visiting" people at least once every two weeks. I know there are a few of us lucky enough to be home with our kids during the week, so it would be nice to set up play dates - at least while the weather is nice. It'll be hard enough to get out during the winter... so I feel like I should try to get out with Tommy as much as possible now.

Here are a couple videos we took of Tommy this week. I can't get enough of him.

This one is of Tommy and Maverick. Mav just loves his baby.

This next one is kinda I'll explain. Tony was holding Tommy while I rolled a ball to him. Once the ball reached them, Tony would help Tommy "kick" the ball. You can hear Tommy laughing, its adorable. We've found ourselves doing whatever we can over the last couple of days just to get him to laugh more. The sound of Tommy laughing brightens our hearts.

Here's Tommy and his ball - he likes the bright colors.

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Orange it Lovely said...

awww. I love hearing him laugh like that!!