Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Election Day!!

Don't forget to get out and vote today!! Tony and I took Tommy to the polls at 6:30 this morning...we cast our vote, and now we wait to see if the right man wins! Tommy and I had a great day together yesterday. He started playing with his brand new shapes toy we got him (instead of candy) for his first Halloween. He absolutely loves it. Basically he (and I) played with it all day. We went over colors, shapes, and motor skills (I showed him how to pick up the pieces and drop them into the bucket, once he masters that, then we'll work on putting the right shapes through the cut out holes.). I highly recommend this toy. It's by Fisher Price, and its good fun. Here's a little video for your enjoyment. Tommy wants to crawl so badly. We put him down in front of Maverick and say "Go Get Your Doggy" and this is what he does. Tony and I were almost peeing our pants we laughed so hard last night. You can sort of see Maverick sitting to the left of the screen - he was lying on his back sprawled out like "You can't get me kid," soon, very soon, he won't be so lucky! Hahaha

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