Thursday, November 20, 2008

Flurries & Coffee & My Cute Little Munchkin

Tommy will be 7 months old tomorrow! I can't believe it! Time flies when you are enjoying every moment of your life.
Yesterday was a great day. I had an interview with someone interested in the MMM program (crossing my fingers because I think it went really well!). Early in the evening Tommy and I got into our pajamas and watched a Baby Einstein movie. He's really into the ones with will be interesting to see if he continues to be fastinated by them. I know he loves his dog - maybe he'll be a Vet someday?! Last night, while I waited for Tony to return home from work, I was working on crawling with Tommy. I got him to push himself up on his hands and knees, but he was confused as to how he got there, and what he was suppose to do next. It was cute.
Tommy is having a bit of separation anxiety. I know that this is normal for the age, but I feel bad. He just crys and crys whenever someone other than Tony and I are holding him. It's heartwarming that he wants his Mommy and Daddy, but frustrating as well. We went to a Beef and Beer Benefit this past weekend, and all Tommy did was cry and cry and cry for my poor Mom who was watching him.
I'm getting pretty psyched. Twilight comes out in the movies tomorrow. It's a vampire saga which is a popular novel series amungst teens, but many adults have been enjoying the books as well - and I am one of them! I'm going to go see it on Monday with my girlfriend Tana, and possibly our husbands... Yay! Double Date!?! :) I am so excited!
It flurried today for an hour or two, so I sat with Tommy watching the little bits of snow falling while I sipped a Mocha Spice Latte from Dunkin Donuts (YUM!!!)... it reminded me that we are getting ever closer to the more weekend to prep for our light display then our Christmas 2008 extravaganza can begin!!


Orange it Lovely said...

I cant wait for the unveiling! I'll bring hot chocolate and Coffee ok??

Jill said...

Twilight is good, you'll like it. Tommy is SO cute! And I'm jealous of the snow....we had it that one day and now nothing! Not even a flurry!