Wednesday, October 1, 2008

“Buzz Your Girlfriend…Woof!”

That’s right, me and the babes were Home Alone. Tony had to go to Virginia for work. I really hate sleeping in the house by myself. I admit it…I am afraid of being home alone in the dark – especially with a five-month-old. To save me from being totally pathetic and whimpering all night, my wonderful sister-in-law stayed over. She’s the best!! Thank you D-D!!
I am in a good mood. It’s October!!! While I am not a fan of the cooler weather, I do really like the color changes of the leaves, and I really look forward to three months of “Holidays”!! I can’t wait for Halloween to arrive. I don’t like the idea of people dressing up…my Girlz know about this particular fear (it’s the masks). And I don’t care about the candy. BUT I LOVE decorating, I LOVE scary movies, and I LOVE LOVE LOVE the fact that Tony and I are going to start thinking about how we’re going to set up the house for Christmas.

I can’t wait for Tommy’s first Christmas. I might have to keep Tony (somehow ha ha) from getting the 10 foot tree he wants to fit into our living room… but otherwise we’re going to go all out and really make the house festive (both inside and out). It’s nice that Tony and I are both into setting up the Christmas lights and making the house twinkle for the holiday season. I always look forward to driving down our street at night and seeing how all of our neighbors are just as into Christmas lights as we are. It’ll be extra special this year. I can’t wait to see Tommy’s eyes light up when he sees the twinkling bulbs.

Speaking of my Girlz… a Girls Night In is in the works and I am so excited for it. I agree with those who say that sometimes you just need some time alone with your Girlfriends. The girls in particular I’m talking about are those I met in college (though I luv all my other girlfriends muchly too!). Most are my sorority sisters. Whenever we get together, much silliness and laughter ensues. We reminisce about Immaculata, and both the random & delightful experiences we’ve had together since. I get together with them and enjoy every moment, then I go home and feel like a part of myself has been refilled with the luv and sisterhood I get from these amazing ladies. I am really looking forward to seeing them.

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