Monday, October 20, 2008

Whirlwind Weekend!

Wow, it was a whirlwind of a weekend.

First, I just wanted to say “thank you” to my Folks, the Wolfgangs, and Nora for your generous contributions to the Juvenile Diabetes Walk To Cure. We truly appreciated your well wishes and support. (Thanks again Mom for watching Tommy while we were at the walk!) We spent this very chilly, very windy weekend outdoors. First, we traveled with Tommy to Cape May for their Victorian Weekend, stopping just inside the town to visit our good friend Mike at his parents’ lovely house. Tony and I absolutely love Cape May, so it was nice that we had a day to take Tommy down for his first visit. Along with walking amongst the lovely homes, and reliving the sights and sounds of this relaxed historic atmosphere, we also took Tommy to the beach for the first time. The walk from the boardwalk to the water was a bit difficult. One of us had to hold Tommy while the other lugged the stroller and diaper bag (Note to new parents: strollers sink into the sand!). It was worth it to see Tommy’s face while he watched the waves rolling in for the very first time. We’ve only ever been to Cape May while the area was twinkling and trimmed for the Christmas holidays, it was nice to see it all spruced up for the fall season too. Though I’m sure it’s very nice during the summer months, I really enjoy the quiet, welcoming community feel of the “off-season” months. While we were there, we walked down Washington Street (the main street with a variety of stores and restaurants) stopping in to get a Christmas ornament from Winterwood (huge store full of holiday ornaments – its awesome!!), my favorite candy bar Flake bar from the Irish store, and a nice hot espresso (warm bottle for Tommy) to warm us up after the chill of the windy streets. We’re hoping to get down there for a long weekend some time next year. I can see us retiring there someday. Sunday was the Walk To Cure Juvenile Diabetes. The 4000 person walk only took about an hour and a half, but the memories of the day will last a lifetime. It was great to see so many people in support of those they love to help fund the JDRF in their struggle to find a cure for this devastating disease – especially to the vendors who provided musical entertainment, warm drinks, and yummy snacks free to support the walkers. My body is aching today, but I don’t mind at all, because it was for Matt. I’d have walked much longer than the 3 ½ miles if that is all it would take to help find a cure for Diabetes. I’m glad I could be a part of Matt’s Wipeout Gang & I’m proud to be a supporter of this great cause.

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