Tuesday, October 7, 2008


Don’t forget to watch the debate tonight!! Be informed so you too can “Rock The Vote!”

If you are in the middle of eating or can’t handle stories about dirty diapers… you may not want to read the end of this particular blog entry (last paragraph). You have been warned!

This weekend went by in a flash. It all began with Carrie’s arrival on Friday evening. She stopped over for a while on her way to our Folks’ house to spend some time with Tommy. It’s nice to see them together. Tommy is comfortable with his Auntie and I know Carrie’s going to be a great Mommy when she’s ready. It’s nice for me too when my sister is here. All we do is laugh and have a great time. She’s such a comedian. Who knew you could do so much on a Saturday?? We started out in the morning by attending the Haddon Heights Fall Festival, an Annual Fall Craft and Corvette Show. We met up with my Godparents Wayne & Karen, who were there with their Corvette. Together we walked around spotting the different cars and looking at all of the various crafts from the vendors who attended. It was a lot larger than I expected…several blocks long, with live music, local mascots (*shiver*), various types of food, and lots of Corvette’s all proudly displayed by their owners. There was truly something for everyone. We were able to purchase a half pound of our favorite Spanish cheese Manchego – expensive but worth every penny – at the local Cheese shop. Tony, Wayne, and Karen enjoyed gourmet pulled pork or sausage and pepper sandwiches from Anthony’s restaurant, I was able to buy the cutest little stone (sodalite) bracelet, and someone even gave Tommy a little red balloon. We could have spent the entire day just walking around and purchasing Christmas Gifts. I would like to go back again next year, I truly enjoyed myself.
The afternoon I spent with my cousins, Alina and Lori, as well as my Mom and Carrie. It was a lot of fun hanging out with them… crazy, silly girls! Lots of laughter ensued! Once I returned home we stopped over at my MIL’s house to spend a couple minutes with Josefa and DD. It was just a quick visit, but it had been a while since I’d seen my MIL, and I missed her a lot – so even a short visit was nice! I’m hoping to stop by next weekend and see her a little more. Then, Saturday night my “cousin” Becca and her boyfriend Bill stopped over for a couple drinks after the baby went to bed. It was great to talk about weddings, and babies, and vacations with them, while sipping a glass of wine (or two). I don’t think we’ve done so much on a Saturday in a long time. Thankfully… we mostly sat around in our pajamas and did some chores on Sunday. The only time we left the house was to visit Walmart. We found Tommy’s Halloween outfit, and stopped at Burger King for dinner. (I know, I know… but we haven’t had junk food in SO long!) While we were eating our dinner Tommy kept trying to grab my cheeseburger. I wonder if he remembered the smell from when I was preggo and I craved were fast food burgers. (And I wonder why I gained so much weight during the pregnancy lol). I think Tommy would have eaten my burger if he was able to digest meat… well, that and chew.
Yesterday was rough. The baby was cranky ALL DAY. He hardly napped at all, and when he was awake he was whining and crying. I felt so bad. He hadn’t pooped much all weekend, and I think he was a little constipated – Ah the joys of introducing new foods! So… last night Tony and I had to take turns passing the baby back and forth to one another while we ate dinner. Just after we ate dinner we decided to start his bed time routine early. Tony went to pick up Tommy who had been sitting on his lap, when his hand sort of “slid” on Tommy’s back. He turned him around and we immediately saw why…. Tommy (who usually grunts to let us know he’s pooping, but failed to do so this time) had diarrhea. It was DISGUSTING. We rushed him upstairs, stripped him down and proceeded to give him a bath. I have never seen so much poop before. We were both gagging while we cleaned him up. Poop was Everywhere! Tommy went to bed shortly after the bath, but Tony and I were up for several hours afterwards feeling sick to our stomachs. Even now I feel a little sick writing about it. I’ve seen some pretty disgusting diapers before…but this one was just wrong.

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Orange it Lovely said...

oh just you wait.. that is only the beginning! It gets worse! hahaha!

Oh and thanks for making me miss Haddon heights even more!! :( haha!!
I use to love going to the Fall festival.. stupid cherry hill