Thursday, October 2, 2008


So um... does this look like "Ultra Natural Blonde" to you? I looked cool enough on the box. Just a shade more "natural" blonde than my hair already was.. ya gotta go darker for the fall right?? Well... after about 10 minutes on my head the goop started looking a bit purplish. The instructions had me waiting 10 minutes more, before I rinsed it out... and when I did... this is what I got. It actually looks worse in person than this picture shows. When the light hits it it has some brown, some purple, and some grey going on. YUK!! I'm not sure what I'm going to do... other than keep washing it. Ugh... you try to save a little money and do something yourself... and you end up with "Eggplant" hair (Thanks Tana hahaha), an itchy scalp, and wrinkly wet fingers. On a brighter note… Tommy can sit on his own!!! I’m so excited!!! I thought maybe it was a trick that I wasn’t really seeing him do it, but last night I showed Tony and its true. He can’t hold himself up for more than about a minute before he starts falling to the side or to the front… but he’s got the basic concept. I took a picture. He started falling to the side just as I snapped it… but here it is. Tommy was so happy to see his Daddy last night. I think they really missed one another. I’m happy Tony’s home too. Love you honey. We had very special visitors today. Elliot and his Mom stopped by. Tommy kept staring at Elliot and smiling. Elliot's a couple months younger than Tommy. It'll be so cute to watch them play together when they are a little older. Tommy found the other baby fascinating. He’s too funny… at one point he picked up Elliot’s hand and tried to put it in his mouth. I swear my kid will eat anything lol!

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Jill said...

In the picture your hair looks totally fine!!!!