Friday, December 19, 2008

Christmas Craft!

If you are looking for a creative and fun project to do with the kids, I’ve got a great one for you – make your own holiday ornaments! I went to the craft store this week and picked up a set of six clear glass ornaments… I think they were right around $1 for the pack. Next I went to the $1 store and picked up stickers, finger paints, glitter glue (comes in a pack of three: red, gold, and silver), a package of holiday scented potpourri, and some red ribbon.

I sat down and cut out pictures from our holiday cards (we send out picture ones), and taped them to the inside of the glass ornaments. This was NOT very easy. I had to roll up the photos, and squish them through the tiny round top…then attach tape using a pencil so that the pictures would stick to the side. So you may not want to do that…it requires a lot of time…and patience. Good luck if you do!

Anyway… your kids can decorate the outside of the ornaments with the puffy glitter glue, finger paints, and stickers. Then with your assistance, they can fill ornament with the potpourri (you can also use seen in the picture above). Once you get the top back on the ornament (it just pops on), just simply tie a ribbon around the top of the ornament and there you go! It’s a fun holiday craft that can also be a unique gift!

Tommy and I are having a blast with this, and now I’ll have a little ornament from his first Christmas to cherish! Sorry - not ready to post any pictures of OUR projects yet! :)

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