Monday, December 1, 2008

Stuffed From All The Good Eats!

Finally, a moment to catch my breath, drink a cup of spiced coffee, and blog.

(BTW... I have not fit into these jeans since I got preggo last year!!!! Woohooo!!!!)

We had an amazing Thanksgiving weekend. Lots of great food, and the comfort of spending a long weekend with Tony's family. We had a lovely roasted turkey with andouille (super spicy sausage) corn bread stuffing, homestyle gravy, and My MIL made her famous potato salad, which has all sorts of yummy veggies in it, so there was no need for me to make extras. The only other things I made were some biscuits and a delicious apple spice bundt cake. I could not have imagined a more perfect day. The baby even went down early so Tony and I were able to finish off our day with a nice glass of wine. Going back to last week…Date night was great!! My MIL watched Tommy for us which was so nice, especially since he has been having a hard time being separated from me – so all he did was cry and be fussy for her. We did dinner and a movie with our friends Tana and Fab. We popped into Fudruckers (a greasy deliciously-bad-for-you burger place in town) for a quick bite to eat and some lighthearted conversation. Then it was off to the movies to see Twilight, an excellent movie. Tana, Fab, and I had read the book prior to seeing the movie, which is something Tana and I often like to do. The movie stayed pretty close to the book, which does not often happen in the movies. And the actor who played Edward was fantastic. I’m hoping to go and see it again this week, it was so good. Tommy had his first visit with Santa Claus. It was really cute. After Tony placed Tommy onto Santa’s lap, Tommy just sat and stared open-mouthed at Santa. The ladies running the photo booth were eventually able to distract him long enough to get a cute picture (he looks like a little beefcake), but he just kept staring at Santa – he didn’t cry at all! Surprisingly, there were no lines when we went, we just walked right up, snapped a few photos with our digital camera, collected the “professional” one, and were on our way. I wanted to include a copy of the picture here…but we’re having issues with our scanner… so when I get it working, I’ll be sure to post his Santa pic. (This shirt is so cute... it has a guitar on it and says Santa Rocks)
The day after Thanksgiving has become a tradition at our house, to finish disgarding any leftover fallen leaves, and spend the rest of the weekend preparing for Christmas. Tony spend all of Friday, and all of Saturday outside setting up the lights. I was able to help during the times when Tommy was napping, but otherwise I took care of Thanksgiving dinner clean up, decorating the inside of the house for the holiday season. On Sunday we were suppose to have our friends over for the official “lighting of the house ceremony” but as of Sunday morning we only had 8000 of our 15000 lights up, and the weather had turned south. Since it would have been dangerous for Tony to be out in the sleet and rain to finish setting everything up outside, we rescheduled the lighting “ceremony” for next Saturday. I can’t wait to see it all done. I just know its going to look amazing.

Tonight, I’m hoping Tony and I can pop in a movie, perhaps sip some wine, and finish decorating our tree. We were going to get a real one this year, but thankfully, we decided to put up our fake one instead. I know the trees are grown specifically to be cut down for the holiday decorating, but I personally don’t want to pay $80 + to kill a tree. It’s just not my thing. Maybe in a couple years we’ll have a real tree so that Tommy can have that experience…but I’m happy to have my no-fuss, allergy & maintenance free tree up and my yankee candles lit to imitate that comforting Christmas tree smell!

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