Wednesday, December 3, 2008

My Maverick Bear

With the little bit of free time I had this morning, I decided to spend some of it with my Maverick. During the month or so I was home on bed rest before Tommy's arrival, I spent a lot of time with him. After Tommy's arrival, I have been trying to give him some "Mommy Time," but there are days when I hardly remember to refresh his water and food bowls, let alone take the time to sit down and cuddle with him, or go outside to play fetch. Its hard to know what he could be thinking, I often feel guilty for not having enough time to do and be everything for everyone....but most of my guilt with him is that I'm afraid he'll feel abandoned.

I know I've done the best I can. I include him in as many activities with the baby as I can, and he absolutely loves Tommy. But.... we never get time to just hang out together.

So for the past hour, while Tommy is napping and I've spent some time catching up on blog readings, and looking up recipes for something in the comfort food dept., he has been asleep on me. At first he was asleep on my lap. Curled up in a little ball, snuggled up in his red Christmas sweater, feeling soft and warm (he's the "comfort food" of my soul, he truly is). Then, he moved up to my chest. With his little back legs resting on my lap he laid his head on my shoulder and his cold, wet, little nose nestled into my neck. It was very sweet...that is until he started snoring so loudly I thought my brain might start to rattle in my head. So now he's back on my lap, with half his body resting on my arm, snoring away. It's harder to type with my arm constricted....but its just so nice to be able to cuddle up with him, that I don't mind it a bit.

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